This is how Kirk Douglas took care of himself to reach 103 years


In April 2019, Michael Douglas shared in his profile Facebook a picture of his father, the legendary Kirk Douglas, in which he appeared at 102 years old resting on a mat in a tent. The photograph had a huge impact and Michael Douglas decided to delete it after a few hours. The general surprise was to see Douglas Sr. lying on a camping mat at his age, as it is not the most comfortable place in the world to rest with more than 100 years. However, the actor had shown on more than one occasion to enjoy iron health despite the ailments of age, against which he could not fight any more and left us last night at the 103 years.

“They always ask me for advice on living a long and healthy life, but I don’t have any,” Kirk said in an interview in 2016. However, the secret of its longevity it seems to be as simple as it is effective. The protagonist of ‘Spartacus’ behaved like a gladiator and renounced all complacency of the sedentary life that age offers. Despite having passed a stroke Of which he had some sequels, such as the paralysis of one side of his face, Douglas tried to stay active so as not to signify the deterioration typical of age and ailments. His son Michael Douglas told us this in an interview: “He still has a trainer with whom you exercise. I remember when dad was 90 years old and he had a coach with whom he trained for more than 30 years or 40 years, Mike Abrams. I went to see dad one day, he was 90 years old and not feeling well. I asked him “Dad, what’s wrong? I don’t see you well” and he said, “Mike died.” I replied: “Ah, Dad, I’m very sorry” and he asked him how old Mike was, to which he told me that he was 94. “For his part, his grandson Dylan Douglas, shared on Instagram on the occasion of the actor’s 100th birthday , a video of him wearing a tracksuit and dancing with tremendous ease and agility.

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The sport and the constant activity, without a doubt, were clear engines that made the life of Kirk Douglas a long-running movie, but love, as he himself put it, also played an important role in its longevity. “Our wonderful marriage and our late-night talks have helped me survive all things,” he said of his wife, Anne Buydens. The change in habits also contributed to the legendary actor being able to celebrate his centenary, since until 1950 he consumed an average of three packs of tobacco a day, an addiction that he radically abandoned after the death of his father due to lung cancer and which undoubtedly improved his health.

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This is how Kirk Douglas took care of himself to reach 103 years