The intrahistory of love and heartbreak of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

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A week ago, last Friday, March 12, late at night, unexpected news was released: the breakdown of the engagement between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The singer and the athlete had not said anything about it, but media such as People The Page Six, with powerful sources within the entertainment industry, announced that their relationship was in serious danger and that the wedding plans two years postponed – they were engaged in early March 2019 – had been canceled. The leading couple quickly came out to qualify the information with a joint statement. Then they said that the information is not that it was false, but that it was “inaccurate.” In addition, they explained that they were “working on some things.”

During the week that has occurred since their breakup, rumors, conversations and doubts about what the future of the couple will be have exploded. They, of course, have not commented on anything else about it: she shoots a new project in the Dominican Republic (their last photo together was taken there and published on February 28), while he, who is still in Miami, has only pronounced one phrase before some paparazzi: “I’m not single.” But those sources close to them have given clues about what is happening around them.

The relationship between JLo and ARod, as they are popularly known and especially in the US, has been in doubt for a long time; according to those who know them, about three months. Economically very stable and with business in common, a season ago they were about to buy a large mansion in Miami and finally decided to take a step back in the acquisition. The situation has been turbulent for a while and they have recognized it themselves. In recent months, not everything has gone well, and what was intended to be a great wedding (the engagement party in September 2019 gave clues as to where things would go, and it was not going to be for discretion or simplicity) has remained in a joint project frustrated twice by the pandemic.

The months of coexistence and confinement have also affected the mental health of Lopez, 51, and Rodriguez, 45, and the stability of their partner. They themselves have said that they turned to a therapist to overcome the most difficult days of the confinement and the many hours together, in two people used to being every day on one side of the world. Lopez told it a few weeks ago in an interview with the magazine Allure: “I miss being creative and running around all day,” she explained. “But Alex loves it: ‘I love being at home, doing video conferences, knowing that the children are there and that you are there all the time.’ It has actually been very good. We have had to work on ourselves. We have done therapy. I think it was a great help for our relationship ”, he told the publication,

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Then he also explained that changing the wedding dates had been difficult to manage. “We have talked about whether or not to get married,” he explained in a talk with USA Today. “I mean, at our age, with both of us already having been married, do we? No? What does it mean to us? And of course, it becomes something personal, what do you want? The truth is that there is no rush ”.

This crisis seems to have been around them for several months and it has been added that the press has assigned Rodriguez a couple of relationships. On the one hand, with the model Madison LeCroy, who she claims never happened and that they only know each other from “talking on the phone, but not in person,” as she told Page Six. On the other side is the porn actress and ex-girlfriend from Playboy Zoe Gregory, who claims that a few weeks before the engagement between Rodriguez and Lopez, the former baseball player sent her messages of sexual content and explicit photos. “If Jennifer Lopez wants them, let her contact me,” he argued. However, the couple’s friends affirm that the crisis is not caused by third parties.

In case someone else is missing in that relationship, the baseball player Jose Canseco has also entered the scene, who through your twitter account —With 520,000 followers— has begun to send messages to the singer. “Good morning everyone, especially Jennifer Lopez,” he wrote last Sunday. He also told the singer: “I am single and I will be faithful to you, I am your man.” In fact, when the break was known he himself called it “predictable” and stated that “the next girl he will see Rodriguez with will be a hot 25-year-old fitness model.”

Those who know the couple assure that they have spoken on the phone frequently after the non-breakup, being estranged, but that precisely the physical separation has not caused the crisis either; in fact, they counted in Page Six that after the announced breakup that finally did not happen, they both stayed chatting on the phone that night for hours.

A mutual friend affirmed to People recently that “filming in the Dominican Republic made everything worse because they could hardly see each other in person, but they love each other very much and want to continue working on this.” That is why a few days ago Rodriguez flew to the island (just a couple of hours by plane from Florida city) to see his still fiancée. Another source friend told the American press that the singer wanted to see her still partner in person. “They want to fix things seriously,” they have stated. “It was a happy meeting.” It remains to be seen if the end of this whole story will also be happy.

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The intrahistory of love and heartbreak of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez