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This auction is as special as you feel about Vivien Leigh, in it you will find personal belongings of the actress.

That Vivien Leigh is a myth and was a diva of the seventh art is something that does not admit doubt or question; beautiful like few others, loaded with talent and with a certain dose of madness in her personality – she suffered for much of her life from bipolar disorder, the same disease that led Virginia Wolf to suicide – she starred in an important career in both theater and film and, although She had a reputation as an impossible woman and spent periods of her life without acting, occupies a place of honor in the exclusive altarpiece of the greatest stars of classic Hollywood cinema.

When someone remains in the collective memory decades after their final goodbye, their legend grows bigger and turns every detail and every object that is remembered and preserved from their life into a small collector’s treasure; that’s the reason why the auction in which Sotheby’s will sell some of the actress’s belongings to the highest bidder that had remained to date in their family environment, has aroused so much curiosity.

This is not an auction of crazy figures or objects of incalculable monetary value but it is one in which you will find small treasures of Vivien Leigh, objects that she loved and cared for; among them there is no lack of a script from the script of gone With the Wind, one of her most romantic dresses, a couple of paintings of the houses she loved the most, a romantic gold ring that looks like that of The Lord of the rings but it is the one that her husband Laurence Olivier gave her and a brooch that is also, according to Sotheby’s estimates, the object that will reach the highest price of all those that are part of this auction.

Are you curious to know Vivien Leigh’s small intimate and personal treasures that will be auctioned on September 27 in London? We show you the most outstanding ones although we warn you that these are just some of the more than 200 objects of the actress included in this iconic auction.

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    19th century diamond brooch

    This is one of the actress’s most prized possessions and the one that probably fetches the highest price at auction, no less than € 27,000 and no more than € 37,000 is estimated by Sotheby’s.

    This magnificent jewel, which is before and after Vivien Leigh and even beyond her, is linked to the actress by its shape because the bow was one of the details that the protagonist of gone With the Wind both in jewelry and clothing.

  • Golden Ring

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    Golden Ring

    Inside this ring you can read perfectly engraved: Laurence Olivier Vivien Eternally. Their love was not eternal but it was long, they married in 1940 and divorced 20 years later.

    The price that Sotheby’s estimates will reach this ring is above 400 euros and will not exceed 650.

  • Dress designed by Victor Stiebel

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    Dress designed by Victor Stiebel

    He was friends with Vivien Leigh as well as designing for her, this particular dress is from 1961 and reveals the actress’s romantic taste in both the tones and the bows.

    The estimated sale price, according to Sotheby’s, will be around 280 euros.

  • Silver cigarette box

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    Silver cigarette box

    This box of cigarettes was a gift to Vivien and Laurence (also called Larry) from whom he secured the role of Scarlett O’hara in the cast of Gone with the Wind for Vivien Leigh, Myron Selznick.

    On the box you can still read the original engraving: Vivien and Larry Love Myron. The estimated sale price of this silver cigarette box is around 500 euros.

  • Vivien Leigh portrait in red chalk

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    Vivien Leigh portrait in red chalk

    This portrait is a sketch by the painter August John who made it as the basis for a later painting that was never finished. The reasons? It was a commission from Laurence Olivier, then Vivien Leigh’s husband, they say, detected an excess of passion on the part of the painter towards the object of his work, which led him to withdraw the commission.

    Vivien Leigh was an art lover, so much so that she not only bought works of art wherever she went but also took some with her to decorate the spaces she occupied in hotels or wherever she stayed on her travels.

    This beautiful portrait is estimated to exceed 6,000 euros at auction.

  • Copy of Gone with the Wind signed by the author

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    Copy of Gone with the Wind signed by the author

    Signed and dedicated by Margaret Mitchell for Vivien Leigh, undoubtedly a unique copy of this novel in the world, so much so that it is estimated that its price will not be below 6000 euros at this auction.

  • Durham Cottage painted by Felix Kelly

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    Durham Cottage painted by Felix Kelly

    Durham Cottage was one of Vivien Leigh’s homes, it was her house in London and she adored it, she spent long periods of time there and this house witnessed the love between Viven Leigh and Laurence Olivier -in fact it was he who bought Durham Cottage in 1937- for almost 20 years.

    This Kelly painting could surpass 5ooo euros at auction.

  • Notley Abbey painted by John Piper.

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    Notley Abbey painted by John Piper.

    The estimated sale price of this painting, signed by the British painter John Piper, is above 8,500 euros and it is not expected to reach 13,000; the interest of this painting goes beyond the canvas itself, the historic building it paints is Notley Abbey, an old English mansion that was for a time the country house of Vivien Leigh and her then husband Lawrence Olivier; In it Vivien spent seasons recovering from the chronic tuberculosis that would eventually cost her her life. It was not until the divorce was signed that the already broken couple sold this mansion, today it is – as a wink of fate to the love of cinema that it witnessed – a well-known British estate for the celebration of weddings.

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The intimate universe of Vivien Leigh, up for auction. – LOFF.IT