Santiago Salviche, the man from Malaga behind the music videos of Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martín

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Santiago Salviche he flew more than a decade ago from his native Fuengirola to find a life in Los Angeles. The Malaga-born filmmaker managed to settle there and set up his own production company. Since then he has not stopped reaping triumphs and achievements in the American music industry, among others to work with Jennifer Lopez in The ring where he turned her into an imposing and dancing golden queen.

Since its premiere, in April 2018, the video clip has accumulated almost 400 million visits on YouTube (another Spaniard appears in it: the actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre). Salviche, Nicknamed “The King of Latin Music Videos in America”, has also directed We went away by Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno; Taboo Pablo Alborán and Ava Max from Malaga; Y Notoriety by Danna Paola, among others.

His curriculum includes more than 70 video clips, several shorts and the fiction series New Life. “I want to fight to earn a place in the cinema like Bayona and make more television. I am passionate about making Hispanic, Latino stories “, he has acknowledged in several interviews where he reveals his desire to direct documentaries based on the life of Julio Iglesias or Marc Anthony, with whom he has also worked.

Shortly after setting up his production company, he had Mariah Carey as one of his first clients. After collaborating with the star, the commissions rained on him: he directed the video clip Low sales by Ricky Martin and Maluma; Y We went away by Enrique Iglesias. His big break came with The ring. The Diva from the Bronx was so satisfied with his work that she has returned to him in another project.

The artist has directed the recently released video clip of On my way, the title track of the new JLo movie (Marry me) where the actress plays a pop star. “The Queen. The best there is. I waited a long time for this. It is worth every second. Thanks for the inspiration“Salviche said in an Instagram post after the premiere of the video about the romantic comedy starring Maluma and Owen Wilson.

The New York singer premiered the song at the 2021 American Music Awards with a great show where she appeared dressed as a bride. In Marry me, Lopez is dumped by her fiancé, a rock star, moments before her wedding at Madison Square Garden, so she decides to marry a man she randomly selects from the audience.

According to the man from Malaga, “working in Los Angeles is very difficult.” “You have to be very inspired. I need an idea in 24 hours. I can not sleep before the competition. We always have to be at the foot of the canyon“, he has explained in several talks where he says that every time he makes a music video for an artist, you see everything he has done (including the video clips of other artists).

“I do a thousand searches. You have to minimize the mistake of everything: not burning the budget, selecting the right staff from the different departments. You have to search and search until you find where they are going to say no and why. When you discover that, you start to work more. It’s an obsessed quest to avoid being told no financially, creatively“, explained the director who had five days to put up the applauded video clip of The ring.

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Santiago Salviche, the man from Malaga behind the music videos of Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martín