MSXXI. The best phrases of Anthony Hopkins in Mexico XXI Century | VIDEO

Anthony Hopkins was one of the participants of Mexico XXI century, annual meeting of TELMEX Telcel Foundation with his fellows.

Although his best known facet is that of an actor, Anthony Hopkins is also a composer, painter and pianist.

Throughout his talk with journalist Pamela Cerdeira, the Oscar winner on two occasions shared with the fellows some reflections and anecdotes about

Here we share some of the Anthony Hopkins Featured Quotes and MXXI.

“Humility really is a powerful ingredient because once you have it, then you can find true confidence to do whatever you want to do.”

“It is not the darkness that scares us, but our own greatness in the light.”

“The power is in being able to pull the reins of the ego. There are people who could not pull the reins and they became monsters because they thought they were God. So try to have a good balance between confidence, ego and excess. “

“I keep a photograph as a child. I see it and I say to that fearful child: we did it well boy, we did it well, we survived ”.

“Life is too short. We all have insecurities otherwise we would not be human, we would be sociopaths or automatons ”.

“It is none of my business what people say or think of me, I am what I am and I do what I do for fun, freely because I love doing it. There is nothing to gain, nothing to prove, nothing to lose. What makes me happy is just being alive. “

“Time is an illusion. When we look back, how can we prove that anything really happened? I am getting into metaphysics now but it is so wonderful. “

“I believe that you must have discipline, self-discipline. You also need confidence and know exactly what you are doing. Once you are disciplined and you know that you are trapped, then you are free. It’s totally amazing. “

“Doubt is the foundation of all belief. All I do is believe, believe and believe. Believe everything you want to believe ”.

“The whole universe is a mystery. We are made of the substance of the universe. I call it my higher consciousness. Living without some kind of fundamental belief in the mystery of life would be like living in a dark room with no windows.

“When you are an actor and you are young you believe the great thing. But I realized an inverse paradox: that I was insignificant. And with that you gain enormous freedom. It gave me space to do things for myself and do the things that I had been afraid to do. “

“There is a power within you that you don’t even begin to understand. Find the key, ask for it to be granted to you ”.

“I don’t know why I’m an actor, I have no idea. I don’t know where I come from. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I do not fight with the power that is within me. It is a great passion for me, not an escape. It is my affirmation of myself ”.

“I am not a psychologist, nor a philosopher, nor a neurosurgeon; But when I was a student, I told all my insecurities leave me alone. What I did was turn on the switch or put the key to the engine of my life ”.

“The immeasurable wonder of life itself along with its terrible beauty has kept me going. Life is a battle, a fight. It is a tough game. We have to fight and accept responsibility for our place in the scheme of things. “

“These are hard times. As we move through the challenges, we recover and survive. I think we’ll get out of this. Just believe that you can and you will. Believe in yourself ”.

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MSXXI. The best phrases of Anthony Hopkins in Mexico XXI Century | VIDEO