Law & Order: Why Jeff Goldblum Made The Decision To Walk Away From The Franchise

Law & Order: Criminal Intent fans still remember actor Jeff Goldblum’s sudden appearance, in order to replace Chris Noth after his departure at the end of season seven and what happened afterward.

Law & Order of NBC marked a milestone in the history of television series, as the pioneer when it came to profiting from a success with derivative series as a franchise, in his case it was with the successful Law & Order: SVU and to a lesser extent but also famous, Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Jeff Goldblum in season 8 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent was broadcast for 10 seasons (2001-2011) with the participation of important acting figures, who over 10 years managed to conquer an important sector of the audience from various parts of the world, with Jeff Goldblum in the lead for two of his last three seasons.

The general synopsis of the series highlights that Law & Order: Criminal Intent It was a division that investigated high-level criminal cases of the NYPD, where the facts stood out because the psychological component of the offender played a determining role in solving them.

Before the appearance of Jeff Goldblum, the series had great popularity in its first four seasons, presenting quite complicated cases and with many ramifications in the highest spheres of society, which were solved by the most brilliant character in the entire Law & Order universe, the detective Robert Goren interpreted by Vincent D’Onofrio.

Jeff Goldblum in season 9 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The character of Goren had so much weight in the series, that it brought with him that the actor Vincent D’Onofrio began to present symptoms of exhaustion. Its producers were forced to release the pressure by adding a parallel unit within the program, to intersperse episodes with the actor Chris Noth, in the role of the detective Mike Logan from the original series.

This change necessary for the health of Vincent D’Onofrio It came at a cost, as viewership levels dropped in episodes in which his character was absent. The NBC network raised its cancellation at the end of the sixth season, only to decide at the last minute to continue it on its affiliate network USA Network.

Although Law & Order: Criminal Intent got a second wind, it would be the beginning of the end with the exit dand D’Onofrio, Noth and of Kathryn Erbe (Detective Eames, Goren’s partner). The weight of the series was on the shoulders of the actor Jeff Goldblum, who had appeared on screen in season 8 and remained as the main character from the ninth installment.

En Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Jeff Goldblum he played the detective Zack Nichols. He was hired for the purpose of salvaging the success of the show’s early days with some of the investigative and wise flavor of Vincent D’Onofrio’s brilliant but troubled Robert Goren.

Goldblum stayed in Law & Order: Criminal Intent for just one more season, though by the end of season 9 the story had taken an interesting turn to add depth and characterization to Detective Nichols. Then, Why did Zack Nichols actor Jeff Goldblum leave the show early?

At the end of season 9, there was a sharp drop in viewership levels that had started since the previous installment. Goldblum understood the case and he himself made the decision to move away from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The show only lasted until season 10, with the return of the original two detectives as a farewell for fans.

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Law & Order: Why Jeff Goldblum Made The Decision To Walk Away From The Franchise