Jennifer Lopez’s trainer reveals 3 key exercises to lose belly

A body like that of Jennifer Lopez it is not achieved overnight. Anyone who has agreed with the artist agrees to affirm that the constancy is one of its virtues And thanks to that, he has arrived where he is, at the top of his career, succeeding in everything he sets out to do, be it singing in the Super Bowl, starring in a movie or filling stadiums with his concerts.

A career worthy of admiration For which she prepares conscientiously, not only studying and working her papers -for ‘Scammers of Wall Street’ she even learned to dance pole dance and assured that it had not been anything simple-, also try to always be in top shape to be able to give everything on stage and at home. Because it should not be forgotten that, once the lights go out, Jennifer Lopez is still the mother of two teenagers.

Jennifer Lopez, in the premiere of ‘The last duel’. (Reuters / Andrew Kelly)

She is aware that, to be at the highest level, There are many things she has to take care of, the first of which is her mental health, that is why she tries to be grateful for the good things that happen to her and to work on that part of herself that she still does not believe that she deserves. Try to eat a balanced diet, a few good sleep routines And above all, you exercise regularly.

With a specific training he has achieved toned arms and legs of scandal. Her buttocks are the perfect example that a well-done workout is noticeable, as is the case with her abdominal area, which through work has turned into a smooth stomach that neither reflects the double pregnancy she went through, nor the 52 years she already had. has the artist. Precisely one of his personal trainers, David Kirsch, has revealed some essential exercises if we want to tone this area of ​​the body and do it well. We wanted to highlight three that, in addition to being simple, are effective.

The first one might seem like a traditional iron, like the ones Jennifer Aniston does to keep fit, but it has an added value, because Kirsch wanted to go a little further and help us to be more effective and that we work our body better, This was revealed during the television program ‘The Doctors’, and to do it it is necessary to be very clear about the correct position to do the plank, because it is the initial one.

With your hands resting on the ground under the shoulders and arms outstretched, We will have to form a straight line with the body, keeping the core active, with the neck relaxed and avoiding lowering the hips, maintaining balance with the tips of the feet. Once we are in this position, just staying in it for a while will help us to work the abdominal area, and this time we will slide our feet forward with our legs extended, raising the hips to form a V with the body. Then return to the initial plank position and repeat the exercise. We can rest our feet on a towel to make it easier or do it directly in socks.

Jennifer Lopez, showing off her abs and giving it her all on stage. (Reuters / Gaelen Morse)

The next exercise that we wanted to highlight is ideal for obliques, great forgotten, and to do it you will only have to stand up, with your legs slightly apart. Keep your hands on the back of your neck and your elbows in line with your body, raise one knee until it meets the elbow on the opposite side, return to the original position and do the same with the other leg. Keep your core active and, as recommended for ‘Look TV’, the ideal is to start with some 15 or 20 repetitions per set.

The third of the exercises that can help us tone our belly It is a variation of the sit-ups, because they are done with knee-to-chest raises. In this way, sitting on the floor, with the knees bent and the feet slightly elevated, we will have to lean back while stretching the legs. The movement should not start from the thighs, but to be centered in the abdominal area. Once we have mastered this exercise or have done about 10 repetitions, we can slightly rotate the body to also work the obliques, each time to the side.

Jennifer Lopez, with Ben Affleck in Venice. (EFE EPA / Ettore Ferrari)

If we want to obtain results, we will not only have to get on with exercise physical exercise and with specific exercises in the area, it is not a bad idea to do complete workouts, combining cardio exercises with strength exercises and, above all, adapting our diet to our new situation, making sure we obtain all the nutrients that our body needs to be in top shape and achieve the objectives set.

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Jennifer Lopez’s trainer reveals 3 key exercises to lose belly