Jennifer Lopez, tired of being humiliated: the new rules she imposed on Alex Rodriguez in the face of new rumors of infidelity

Jennifer Lopez and her partner, Alex Rodriguez (Shutterstock)

Humiliated by rumors of a new Alex Rodriguez infidelity, Jennifer Lopez gives her fiancé a new list of rules. Days before, the relationship between them had gone through a new crisis when rumors emerged that A-Rod had an affair with Madison LeCroy. It was the model herself who revealed that she exchanged private messages with the baseball star, but clarified that nothing ever happened between them. It is not the first time that the future husband of the singer is involved in this type of scandal.

During the interview with the portal Page Six, Madison LeCroy categorically denied any type of romantic relationship with Rodriguez, claiming, in her defense, that they have only chatted by phone on some occasions, in an “innocent” manner.

“I contact. And yes, we send each other direct messages”, He insisted earlier this month in the aforementioned publication. “I’ve never seen it personally”, She affirmed to put an end to the rumors that assure that she had an affair with JLo’s boyfriend.

However, a partner of the cast of the reality show Southern Charm, Craig Conover, stated that she “traveled to Miami to have sex with a very famous former MLB player “. Faced with such a statement, she replied: “It’s false. He contacted me, and yes, we texted each other, but other than that, nothing happened. “

Madison LeCroy was linked to Alex Rodriguez
Madison LeCroy was linked to Alex Rodriguez

Lopez and Rodriguez began their relationship four years ago and got engaged in 2019. They have had to postpone your wedding twice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both the successful singer and the sports journalist never publicly addressed the issue, and they are very close on social networks, where they share everything about their relationship as a couple and are business partners.

Alex would marry JLo tomorrow if he could”, Shared a source to the magazine Us Weekly. “He’s terrified of losing her”. It probably should be.

Though 45-year-old A-Rod allegedly claims he doesn’t know 30-year-old Madison. This is just the latest accusation of infidelity to come up in the four years he’s dated Jennifer. But now, 52-year-old JLo has gotten tired. “She has come up with a list of new rules for him to adhere to so they can move on in the relationship.”, Revealed the source to the aforementioned media. “If you break any of them, everything comes to an end ”.

Watching him closely

According to the post, JLo is not playing games. Their demands include 24-hour access to your cell phone, the ability to track your whereabouts, as well as “nighttime curfews when you’re out with your friends”the source said. In addition, the singer, who does not drink alcohol, has insisted on “a limit of three drinks ” for A-Rod when he’s out of town.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have wedding plans (Shutterstock)
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have wedding plans (Shutterstock)

The rules are even stricter when it comes to travel. Apparently the Hustlers star is limiting her fiancé’s solo travel for business only, and requires the crew on the private jet they use to have “only male flight attendants “.

Exaggerated? Possibly. But A-Rod has already been repeatedly accused of being unfaithful.

In 2019, JLo was even forced to publicly address a claim by former MLB player José Canseco that A-Rod had cheated on Jennifer with his ex, Jessica Canseco. Although she said at the time “I know what the truth is”, the singer apparently is not so sure anymore.

Regardless of whether these latest Madison rumors are true or not, Jennifer feels humiliated.“Said the source. “That is why she keeps him on a tight leash. “

Lopez admitted the couple sought help last year amid coronavirus isolation. “It was really good. I think it was very useful for us in our relationship, “said the Latin singer in the latest issue of the magazine. Allure.


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Jennifer Lopez, tired of being humiliated: the new rules she imposed on Alex Rodriguez in the face of new rumors of infidelity