Jennifer Lopez has the casual up for going to the movies that you can wear daily to the office

From the informality we have seen the most groundbreaking and flattering style tips emerge. Also when it comes to beauty and especially hair. The simplest updos found their way onto the catwalks years ago and since then the trend of letting your hair appear effortlessly combed has become fundamental and continues to gain popularity. Jennifer Lopez, who is very interested in beauty (her own cosmetic brand attests to this), has a changing mane. As soon as short as long, extensions, highlights, dyes, curly, smooth … the artist She is not one to settle for a regular hair look and neither does it with his hairstyle, whatever the style of his hair.

These days, taking advantage of a walk with his partner Ben Affleck, the photographers have taken the snapshot as one more escape from both. We, however, found a new clue to how Jennifer Lopez, addicted beauty from head to toe, rocks an ideal casual hairstyle. His collected, the kind that we said is made as effortless, it is itself a target of attention. It’s seeing her and you think how cute! To go to the cinema or to the office, it does not matter what clothes you wear because if you pick up your hair like her, you will define yourself as the one that has more roll at that moment.

And it doesn’t have much mystery, nor is it a completely new hairstyle. But if it makes your my mane gain volume and her long bangs stand out by framing her face. A semi-updo that, in addition, collaborates in generating different textures in the hair, especially when -as in the case of Jennifer Lopez- it has a color highlighted with highlights.

Jennifer Lopez’s updo is ideal for any day plan.Gtres

To copy her hair look and become the queen of casual style wherever you go, you should know that you need styling tools. styling and a texturizer to be able to do it from home. With clean and detangled hair, apply the texturizer spray to add volume to your hair. You can apply a little more with your head upside down to let the root gain volume. Then you can give a little twist to your long bangs with the iron, giving a rounded shape and with greater presence to the hair that you have stuck to your face and that will be the key to the movement of the hairstyle. It is important that when making the turn you start from the inside out so that at the height of the cheekbones the hairstyle opens and produces a round effect on features (softening them).

The collected itself is the simplest of all because it is enough to choose the part of hair that covers the crown, expanding in the front area until it reaches the bangs, to collect with a rubber band allowing the hair to hollow to gain volume. Without pulish, you can add a touch of texturizer again to set the finish and cover the rubber band with a strand of hair for a touch of sophistication. The secret of this hairstyle is that there are no sharp hairstyle lines. Except for the parting of the bangs, all is hair, the scalp is not visible. So the sensation of body and volume in the hair is much greater.


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Jennifer Lopez has the casual up for going to the movies that you can wear daily to the office