Jennifer Lopez broke up with Alex Rodriguez because she didn’t trust him

Lack of trust is an evil that can destroy any type of relationship, be it family, friendly or romantic. And that is precisely what has put the lace in the courtship of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The singer and the former baseball player broke their marriage engagement in mid-March, but it was a month later that they announced their final separation after four years of relationship. It has been now, a week after the news was known, when the reasons for this break have begun to be known. The couple have been together for four years. His has been a sentimental and business relationship.

According to different sources, it was Lopez who decided the separation. The lack of trust in his partner was what ended up extinguishing a relationship that a month ago was mortally wounded. JLo “could not fully trust him,” said a friend of the artist in the magazine People. “He tried to fix it but there were too many issues to be resolved,” explains a person close to the artist, who affirms that the singer and actress became “sunk”. “I don’t think the best thing for her would be to stick with Alex.”

“They both liked spending more time together as a family, but they found it difficult to maintain that special spark when they saw each other,” says the same source. Something endorsed by other sources familiar with the motives of JLo in the middle AND Canada. “She knew it was time to quit. There were problems when approaching the wedding plans and trust problems that I couldn’t let go of ”.

“Jennifer has done everything possible to hold her head high since the breakup,” he adds. “She has been taking great care of herself, mentally, physically and spiritually, and has surrounded herself with people who love her and her children. He has also focused on his work. Staying busy and doing a lot of things that fill her up has been good for her, “they say.

These days JLo is working on a romantic comedy titled Shotgun Wedding, whose filming has taken her to the Dominican Republic. In fact, Rodriguez went to visit her in the Caribbean country shortly after the cancellation of their wedding was announced, in March, but despite this the relationship was not saved. The actress is focusing on what she enjoys the most: her children and her job. “Jennifer has been through these kinds of tough situations before. She is not the type to sit down and cry ”.

The issue of infidelity has also surrounded the relationship between JLo and ARod, as they are known in America. However, the same sources tell the magazine People that this was not the cause: “If he has deceived her or not, it does not matter,” says a source from the music industry. “What she wouldn’t tolerate is fear getting between them.”

The artist is recovering, little by little, and above all with the help of her children: “It is what makes her happiest,” say Lopez’s connoisseurs to this medium. But they also explain that, of course, “the children are sad about the breakup because they have grown up very close, but they also want the best for their mother, so that she may be happy. Between the two families there is love and respect ”. JLo has two children, Emme and Max, 13-year-old twins born from a previous relationship with musician Marc Anthony. The two are closely related, and in fact the musician is now helping his ex-wife with the breakup by taking care of the boys while she is filming in the Dominican Republic.

Alex Rodriguez brought the couple two girls, Natasha, 15, and Ella, 11, from a previous relationship with Cynthia Scurtis. Rodriguez and Lopez have always said that the fact that the four of them, of similar ages, got along so well was something that boosted them in their relationship and gave them the strength to move on. “Our children have become best friends and that keeps us both connected and grateful. We could not have asked for anything better that the four get along well with each other, “said the former baseball player in a joint interview with People in 2018. “I loved his children very much and he loved and accepted mine, who immediately embraced,” added Lopez.

Hence, the worst part of the separation is being carried out by the four boys, and the couple is “especially sad for them, because they were intimate. It is not the ideal situation but it is inevitable, ”said a friend of Lopez’s in the US press. “They will try to be friends, and there is respect. But they will definitely go their separate ways. “

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Jennifer Lopez broke up with Alex Rodriguez because she didn’t trust him