“I was disgusting”: Anthony Hopkins and his addiction to alcohol that almost ended his life and career

Some days ago, He surprised all his fans with a message he shared on Twitter. The protagonist of “Los dos papas” revealed that he was celebrating 45 years without tasting a drop of alcohol. “I was heading for disaster, drinking to death, but I got a message.”, He said.

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“I chose what I wanted to live and my life has been incredible since then”. On more than one occasion the actor has spoken openly about his sobriety and despite the fact that the coronavirus It has brought him difficult moments, he has found strength not to let himself be defeated.

At 83 years old, He is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, since he has managed to develop a successful acting career and this has made him recognized with the most important awards in the artistic environment. But not everything in his life has been success, since decades ago he recognized that he was an alcoholic and lived unpleasant moments.

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FILE – In this Sept. 20, 1972 file photo, British actress Diana Rigg and actor Anthony Hopkins attend the opening night of Macbeth at the National Theatre, London. Rigg plays Lady Macbeth opposite Hopkins’ Macbeth in the Shakespearean tragedy. Actress Diana Rigg, who became a 1960s style icon as secret agent Emma Peel in TV series “The Avengers,” has died at age 82. Rigg’s agent Simon Beresford says she died Thursday Sept. 10, 2020 at home with her family. (AP Photo/Bob Dear, File)

In 1998 the actor admitted to That he was going through the best stage of his life, in that interview he confessed that he suddenly stopped drinking on December 29, 1975, after he woke up in Arizona, with no idea how he got there. As of today the actor is 45 years sober.

When the actor from The silence of the inocents He had severe problems working because he was usually hungover and thought that one day alcohol would kill him: “(I) was unpleasant and could not be trusted”, revealed to the two years ago.


Through a video on Instagram, a social network where the actor is very active, Anthony Hopkins recalled that on December 29, 1975 he decided to put a stop to his alcoholism problem.

“Today, 45 years ago, I had a wake-up call. I was heading to disaster, drinking myself to exhaustion. I received a short and concise message asking, ‘Do you want to live or die?’ Of course, I wanted to live ”, said the actor.

Anthony Hopkins reveals that he hasn't seen his daughter in more than 20 years.
Anthony Hopkins reveals that he hasn’t seen his daughter in more than 20 years.

On the other hand, the Oscar winner sent a message to young people and encouraged them to continue fighting and to stand together in such difficult times.

“Today is the tomorrow that I was so worried about yesterday. Young people, stand firm, don’t give up, keep fighting, be brave because powerful forces will come to your aid. That is what has sustained me all my life “he commented.

Finally, Anthony Hopkins took advantage of the video to wish a happy 2021 to all the people who follow him on Instagram.

“It has been a year full of pain and sadness for many, many, many people. Happy New Year! This is going to be the best year “, the message ended.


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“I was disgusting”: Anthony Hopkins and his addiction to alcohol that almost ended his life and career