Emilia Clarke confesses what it was like to be Daenerys Targaryen and secrets

Without a doubt, the extensive history of the successful series “Game of Thrones” brings with it innumerable details, as well as totally emblematic scenes, captivating dialogues, paradisiacal and fantasy landscapes and others, however, on this occasion, we decided to show you what for the public have been the best scenes of the beautiful and talented Emilia Clarke, personified as the mother of dragons, but with a peculiar detail.

Although we know that the plot of the story is practically one hundred percent passionate and carnal, well, there were many times that we could see almost all the characters performing nudity scenes, without a doubt, the favorite scenes of this nature, were exactly the ones made by the British, while remaining personified as Daenerys Targaryen.

And it is that there were a total of eight years that we could see the beautiful and talented actress while she stripped off her clothes, the public was delighted every time this happened, and the production of the famous series noticed it, so They decided to do it on several occasions.

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The success of these scenes was such that they have become an icon of the fantasy story, to such an extent that there are many internet pages that are dedicated to making tops of the aforementioned scenes, and there have even been votes.

Some of the most liked were when her brother took off her toga, before she took a bath, before giving her as a wife to Khal Drogo, the scene of the wedding night with himself, although this by itself ended up causing a lot of controversy, since, obviously, it is a [email protected]

On the other hand, there is the scene when later Khaleesi herself decides to give herself to her husband in a romantic and passionate way, another favorite scene of the audience, is when Daenerys is in the bathtub with Daario, it is worth mentioning that after losing Khal Drogo found it hard to accept a new man as our Khalessi’s partner, but the chemistry with Daario was impossible to ignore.

Finally, we have the scene with Jon Snow, who reneged over and over again about accepting Daenerys as queen, and when he finally did, let’s just say the bed was too close for them.

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Likewise, her [email protected] scenes were the ones that caused the viewers to open their mouths, but there is something murky and dark around these scenes, since it is known that she did not have a good time on the set. of this type of sequence.

Emilia was 23 years old when she got the role of Daenerys Targaryen, she had just finished theater school, so she accepted the job without a moment’s hesitation, when reading the script she realized that several nudes were contemplated, and she thought that They were fully justified.

However, when she was on set completely naked and surrounded by people, “I didn’t know what was expected of me, I didn’t know what they wanted from me and I didn’t know what I wanted,” the actress said.

In the same way, she confessed that she told herself: “Even if I feel that something is wrong, I’m going to cry in the bathroom, then I’ll come back, we’ll do the scene and everything will be fine”, in addition, she indicated that her partner Jason Momoa helped her about lead the situation during the first chapters of the series.

But as her character became more relevant to the story, Clarke had enough power to reduce the amount of nudity and choose the sequences in which she had to appear without clothes. Though that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still awkward for her.

Her risque scenes were one of the most controversial issues of the successful fiction, along with the numerous v1olaci0n3s and vi0l3nc1a that appeared recurrently, but the interpreter has confessed that on one occasion she thanked the creators for a Khaleesi s3xo scene Which made him feel the opposite.

This is the scene that overflows with passion, with her handsome lover Daario Naharis, found in the fourth season of the story, when he confesses that Daenerys is the only woman he is interested in, after this confession, the mother of dragons orders him to take off her clothes, once the act was over, Emilia confessed that it was the scene she was waiting for.

She received a lot of criticism for doing many scenes of this type, for being particularly anti-feminist, however, Clarke does not think so, since she has mentioned that the real problem is that the women themselves are the ones who hate other women for not daring to do what than them.

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Emilia Clarke confesses what it was like to be Daenerys Targaryen and secrets