Coincidence or not? This could be Jennifer Lopez’s first declaration of love to Ben Affleck

If you are still in shock after knowing that Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they could get back together, this interests you. Every day that passes we have new data about the return of ‘Bennifer’ and, Although they have been seen together on several occasions, the truth is that at the moment there is nothing confirmed. Up to now, neither of them had spoken about it, but this weekend the singer has published a message that has left her fans speechless. “All my records are very special to me, but This is Me… then It’s my favorite album of all the ones I’ve done… until now! “Jennifer wrote referring to the album she released in November 2002, after getting engaged to Ben.

– Alex Rodriguez’s curious response when asked about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck


This detail has not gone unnoticed and many think that the protagonist of films such as Wedding plans, Happened in Manhattan, The groom’s mother The Wall Street scammers She wanted to declare her love for Affleck by remembering that album so special to her. In fact, it not only includes the song he dedicated to him, entitled Dear Ben, but rather the mythical video clip of Jenny from the Block it starred him and had the most romantic and passionate scenes. “I know many of you have heard me say this before, so in honor of my JLovers I you have gotten me back on the charts again after 19 years, here is a small memory, “he said thanking his most unconditional fans.

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Jennifer’s message has maddened his followers, who have ‘died’ of love when reading his words. “It’s also my favorite album”, “I hope they get back together“,” I love this couple “,” Dear Ben is … “,” Can you imagine making a video clip again? “,” This album was the birth of Bennifer “,” I remember it as if it were yesterday, what a beautiful time … “,” It is clear that your message is intentional “,”I think it is confirming that they have returned“… are some of the comments that can be read in the post of the Bronx diva who has exceeded 1.7 million likes. In addition, many of them have remembered the lyrics of Dear Ben, in which Jennifer sang: “You’re perfect, I can’t control myself. I can’t be with anyone else. I love you, you are perfect. A manifestation of my dreams, you make my body feel a million different things. I believe that God made you for me. I have written this song to let you know that you will always be my love, my man, my friend and my king. ”

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Coincidence or not? This could be Jennifer Lopez’s first declaration of love to Ben Affleck