Anthony Hopkins: The Master of Details

A review of the legendary actor’s work

Anthony Hopkins has his birthday, an actor who studied each of his characters with intensity and made them recognizable even beyond recognition. We celebrate it by reviewing his best films.


Por Clara Migliardo

Any worthy moviegoer got chills when Anthony Hopkins he won the Oscar for best actor this year. Yes, give the award to the deceased Chadwick Boseman It would have been a beautiful gesture to remember it. the same Hopkins He thought that would be the case, and gave up even watching the awards live from his home. However, the Academy chose to give the award to this interpretation so necessary to fix the self-absorbed society in which we live. Actually, which of your interpretations was not totally necessary?

For the movie lover, who usually approves of his tapes, it is essential to observe all the interpretations of Hopkins. For anyone who wants to be an actor, studying their characters denotes a positive abuse of small details that end up creating fictional entities distinguishable from the second. Even for someone outside the seventh art, observe the dedication that Hopkins used in each of his roles gives a teaching on how we should work our day to day: with great care to create great things. Without further ado, here are the best films of the actor.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


An FBI cadet named Clarice Starling finds an opportunity to climb the ladder when her superior, Jack Crawford, orders her to question psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, a murderer incarcerated for crimes related to cannibalism. Apparently, the prisoner could be useful in obtaining information on Buffalo Bill, a murderer on the loose who kills women and then skinns them. But Hannibal is a tough nut to crack, and Starling must bring the best of her wit and police experience to the table to steal information from the cannibal.

To prepare for this role, Hopkins he studied serial killer files, visited prisons, and witnessed court hearings that indicted lurid and bloody crimes. He also worked Hannibal from the details, for example, printing the habit of not blinking when speaking. Thus, he managed to build one of the most iconic psychopaths in cinema, and one of its most remembered characters.

Nixon (1995)

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Biographical-dramatic film about Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, who ruled between 1969 and 1974. The film recounts his life from childhood, then visits his political career and ends the journey in his resignation as a result of the Watergate scandal. Hopkins He puts the skin to Nixon, who in the film is presented as a complex and admirable man in several respects, although also full of flaws.

With the aim of being the copy of the character to be interpreted, the actor observed each available footage of the president’s speeches. In addition, he met with people who knew him and who instructed him in the ways of being more and less noticeable of the politician. Director Oliver Stone decided to recruit Hopkins after seeing him in other of his films and realizing that he exuded internal conflict in his dramatic characters, just what he needed to bring Nixon to life.

The Bounty (1984)


Dramatic film based on the novel Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian (1972), which focuses on the true story of Lieutenant Commander William Bligh, the victim of a mutiny led by Merchant Marine Captain Fletcher Christian. Here the interpreter puts himself in the shoes of Lieutenant Bligh, whose cruelty in treating his subordinates makes Fletcher Christan a Mel Gibson in the leader of a rebellion.

Although this film was applauded for being the most credible representation of true history, Hopkins Y Gibson they were not so happy with the version used. The second was who was especially confused and declared that the feature film tried to give a fresh version of the event it was about, failing in the attempt. Anyway, the duo HopkinsGibson it works in every scene, and gives a glimpse of the important acting experience that both actors had had so far.

The Elephant Man (1980)

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Film based on the true story of Joseph Merrick, a seriously deformed man who inhabited London during the 19th century. Hopkins He plays Dr. Frederick Treves, a surgeon who visits a traveling circus and meets a man whose genetic abnormalities function as an attraction and amusement for people.

It was his interpretation of the role of Treves that inspired the director. Jonathan Demme to invite you to participate in The Silence of the Lambs. It is not surprising, because in this case Anthony He shows to have the most important quality of a good actor: to shine, but not above the plot, but parallel to it. Hopkins It is, unlike the previous films, one of the elements that makes this film brilliant, and not the most important of them.

The Father (2020)

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Adapted from the play The father (The father), which was viewed by the director of this film, The Father focuses on the story of Anthony, a man who is about to turn 83 years old and rejects all attempts to help by his daughter, the wonderful Olivia Colman. The problem is that, as much as Anthony thinks he is still able to help himself effectively, soon the detriment of his mental faculties will show him otherwise.

And The Father was the last film starring Hopkins, so it’s safe to say that he closed one of the most revered acting careers with a flourish. This film, like many others, aims to expand on the dramas of old age. The difference is that we do not observe old age from the point of view of the family members who suffer for the older person in question, but rather we place ourselves directly in the worldview of a person who observes how his memory crumbles and perceives abandonment with total sensibility. by their relatives.

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Anthony Hopkins: The Master of Details