August 3, 2021

Celebrate National Children’s Day at Vision+, there are Satria Garuda BIMA-X to General Kancil! : Okezone Celebrity

DAY National Children, which is celebrated every July 23, is usually celebrated with various activities. However, during a pandemic, the way to celebrate is certainly different. Especially now that PPKM is running.

For this reason, Vision+ as the most complete streaming application is here to provide several recommendations to celebrate National Children’s Day with shows that will be liked by children. Contains FTV and also movies, here is a recommendation review from Vision+.

First, Vision+ presents FTV with the title Mermaid Legend. Tells about three friends Astrid, Indah and Raya who turned into mermaids after being stranded in the ocean. They are given a mission to do 1,000 good deeds if they want to turn back into humans.

Beautifully portrayed by Indah Permatasari (Beautiful), Anggika Bolsterli (Astrid) and Akina Fathia (Raya), the Mermaid Legend will be even more interesting.

Next, there is a film with the title Jendral Kancil. SD Lentera Hati is shocked by the movement, led by Guntur (Adam Xavier), on a mission to raid the den of rancid thugs. From there, Guntur was given the title of the General Kancil, a clever leader and hero by the children of Lentera Hati Elementary School.

The ordeal was not only that, Lentera Hati Elementary School was even more confused by the terrors of the Italian mafia gangs, who were after something hidden behind Lentera Hati Elementary School. Thunder worked hand in hand to face with all his wits and wise nature.

The third recommendation comes with the title House Without Windows. It tells the story of Rara (Dwi Tasya), an 8 year old little girl, who really wants to have a window in her small house with used plywood walls in a slum where the scavengers live in Menteng Pulo, Jakarta.

Simbok (Inggrid Widjanarko), Rara’s sickly grandmother and her father, Raga (Raffi Ahmad) who sells ornamental fish and a shoemaker, don’t have enough money to make or buy even a window leaf and frame. Rara also has an older sister from her mother, namely Bude Asih (Yuni Shara).

One day, Aldo became acquainted with Rara, who was taxiing an umbrella and was hit by Aldo’s car. Since then they have become friends. There was a fire in the slum where Rara lived, while at Aldo’s house everyone panicked because Aldo had left the house, disappointed with the attitude of his brother who openly said he was ashamed to have a sister like him.

What happened to Rara’s life next? How is his friendship with Aldo? Can Rara realize her dream of having a window in her house? What about the fate of Simbok and Bude Asih?

Next is the film with the title Satria Garuda BIMA-X. The story of Satria Garuda BIMA-X moves from the end of the first season story which tells the story of the Parallel World controlled by the VUDO Kingdom to take over the earth’s resources in order to revive their planet which is on the verge of destruction caused by the ambitions of its evil ruler, Rasputin.

Rasputin was defeated by the combined strength of the two Satria Garuda brothers, BIMA and Azazel. Half a year has passed in peaceful conditions, but suddenly a mysterious god appears, the new ruler of VUDO who has the title Black Lord.

Ray Bramasakti, the Satria Garuda “BIMA” must use all the power of his Satria Garuda with his brother, Reza, the Satria Garuda “Azazel” to protect the earth and mankind from the new evil forces of VUDO. Played by Christian Loho and produced by Reino Barack made this film even more explosive in the market.

The last recommendation came with the title Adisa and the Rainbow Necklace. Played by Nadila Ernesta, Umar Syarief and Naila, Adisa and Necklace Pelangi tells the story of Sofia who is looking for a rainbow necklace hidden by Elsa.

Sofia wants the necklace so she can be beautiful without having to keep eating gold mushrooms. Adisa got the necklace from her father who had an accident. How will Sofia’s journey continue?

In order to enliven National Children’s Day and continue to support the ongoing PPKM, Vision+ will always be present with shows that are not boring. “Vision+ comes with a wide selection of shows that children will surely love. In addition, Vision+ will also support the government during this PPKM period with shows that are ready to accompany you while staying at home,” said Mushofi, Head of Marketing Vision+.

Are you curious about how Vision+ makes National Children’s Day more fun? Immediately watch all the recommended impressions above on Vision+.

Celebrate the #harianaknasional moment with your family by downloading and accessing #visionplus on the Google Play Store and App Store or you can also visit For more information about Vision+, please follow Vision+’s official social media accounts at @visionplusid (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok). Vision+, Happiness, Anytime, Anywhere!

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