Maneskin, photo with Mick Jagger after the concert in Las Vegas: “The best memory of all time”

Maneskin photo with Mick Jagger after the concert in Las

An incredible show, which has conquered the whole world. THE Maneskin they opened the concert of Rolling Stones in Las Vegas, also receiving compliments (in Italian) from Mick Jagger. With whom at the end of the evening they took a photo which was then shared on social networks a few hours later: «What an evening. … Read more

From The Godfather to Train to Busan, These are 5 Vision+ Fun Movies Throughout November: Okezone Celebrity

From The Godfather to Train to Busan These are 5

JAKARTA – There is a line of the best Hollywood movies ready to entertain users Vision+ throughout November 2021. This proves Vision+ as a service over the top (OTT) leading in Indonesia with library content quality and complete. “Vision+ doesn’t just provide content on demand, but also provides local and international TV channels that can … Read more

Carlo Verdone to “Domenica In”: “That day on the set I lost my father’s faith …”

Carlo Verdone to Domenica In That day on the set

Carlo Verdone guest of Mara Venier a Sunday In its RaiUno. Carlo Verdone is the protagonist of a series about his life on the streaming channel Prime Video, “Life as a Carlo“:” The story starts – the actor revealed – since they asked me to run for Mayor of Rome “ Carlo Verdone by Mara … Read more

MNC Group Presents Star-studded Anniversary Celebration on 32nd Anniversary : Okezone Celebrity

MNC Group Presents Star studded Anniversary Celebration on 32nd Anniversary

JAKARTA – Celebration HUT MNC Group was held lively, on November 6, 2021. On its 32nd anniversary, MNC Group presented an event titled ‘MNC Group 32nd Anniversary Celebration’ as the highlight of the MNC e-Fest series. “This is a challenge for us for some time to come because many MNC Group activities are related to … Read more

This is the Latest Original Series on Vision+, There’s Horror Twisted 2 to Beautiful Romantic Dramas Yes You: Okezone Celebrity

This is the Latest Original Series on Vision Theres Horror

AS OTT platform with the most complete content, Vision+ always presents the latest and most hits for its users’ viewing options. This week, Vision+ released several new original content, ranging from horror genres to romantic comedy dramas. “In accordance with Vision+’s identity as an over the top platform service with complete content, of course we … Read more

Air Becomes Bryan Domani’s Challenge Filming Missing Cahaya De Amstel : Okezone Celebrity

Air Becomes Bryan Domanis Challenge Filming Missing Cahaya De Amstel

JAKARTA – The religious drama film Merindu Cahaya De Amstel tells the story of a Dutch girl named Khadija Vanhooven who embraced Islam. From this fragment of the story, it can be guessed that the Netherlands is the setting for the film by Hadrah Daeng Ratu. One of the actors in the film, Bryan Tomorrow … Read more

Very true, Francesca Barra reveals the sex of the baby: “With Claudio it’s wonderful”

Very true Francesca Barra reveals the sex of the baby

Francesca Barra, guest of very true, has fulfilled the dream of having a son with Claudio Santamaria. With Silvia Toffanin she shares the immense joy for the period she is experiencing and the sorrow for the loss of her other child. Finally, unveil the sex of the baby and is moved by the video message … Read more

Ballarò, once upon a time there were authentic talks: 19 years ago the first episode that launched Floris in the Olympus of VIDEO conductors

Ballaro once upon a time there were authentic talks 19

Once upon a time there were TV talk shows. The authentic ones. Doc. Not those of today in which only the quarrel counts and we witness the squabbling of chickens in the chicken coop. Thursday night was there Michele Santoro his Rai2, his Rai1 c’era Bruno Vespa in the late evening, as well as on … Read more

Watch the 32nd Anniversary of MNC Group, There is a Star of Love Ties to IPA & IPS : Okezone Celebrity

Watch the 32nd Anniversary of MNC Group There is a

JAKARTA– MNC Group will celebrate its 32nd anniversary lively on its peak night on November 6, 2021 with the theme “Celebrate A Brighter Future”. A series of well-known celebrities from various MNC Group’s best programs will be present on the evening of the celebration. The MNC Group’s 32nd anniversary celebration will be hosted by Robby … Read more

Jerry Calà to “Today is another day”, the live message from Mara Venier

Jerry Cala to Today is another day the live message

«Mara is my greatest friend, also yesterday we were together for dinner ». Jerry Calà a ‘Today is another day’ talks about his relationship with Mara Venier, his ex-wife. The host of Domenica In wanted to send a video message to the Rai 1 program in which she said: “We are the proof that after … Read more