How Telefilm Canada moved quickly to distribute Covid-19 relief to the industry | Features

When Canada’s government first announced Covid-19 emergency relief measures for the country’s film and TV industries last spring, a speedy response was of the essence for Telefilm Canada, the government-backed organisation that works to finance, develop and promote the industry. “It was about turning on a dime, being rapid, being agile,” says executive director Christa … Read more

How Many Emmy Nominations Did Marvel Studios Get This Year?

Fans of superhero shows and movies often lament the fact that their favorites sometimes don’t receive the same recognition as other genres when awards season rolls around. But in the case of Marvel Studios, that is seemingly changing this year. In fact, the studio has already taken home two Emmys and is nominated for many … Read more

Gravitas Ventures Acquires Crime Drama RESPITE From Filmmaking Duo Saro Varjabedian + Ali Abouomar For January Release

GRAVITAS VENTURES ACQUIRES CRIME DRAMA ‘RESPITE’ FOR JANUARY RELEASE Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios Company, has acquired North American rights to Saro Varjabedian’s feature film RESPITE. The film will be available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms through Gravitas Ventures on January 26, 2021. Down and … Read more

All Disney remakes and live-action adaptations ordered from worst to best

The arrival of ‘Cruella’ to the Disney + catalog has been the ideal excuse for Espinof to order from worst to best all the remakes and live-action adaptations that Disney has made of its animated classics. Before going into the matter, I would like to clarify that I have left out the sequels and also … Read more

Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Mark Strong is no longer going out, but says it’s time for more villains

Mark Strong played Doctor Sivana in Shazam! – 88%. This villain generated a contrast with the more childish and comical tone of this hero. Thanks to him we saw some elements of horror in a film that was mostly lighter in tone than others in the DCEU. Subscribe here to Disney Plus The film’s post-credit … Read more

AMFF 2021. Review of ‘Shoplifters of the World’: Vinyl and eighties nostalgia

The criticisms of Daniel Farriol at AMFF 2021:Shoplifters of the World Shoplifters of the World is an American dramatic comedy written and directed by Stephen Kijak (Sid & Judy, Equal), based on an original story by Lorianne Hall. We are in Denver, in 1987. Four friends try to recover in their own way from the … Read more

Florence Pugh: “Scarlett Johansson told me: ‘You’re 22 years old. It’s time to go all out’ | Celebrities, Vips

Florence Pugh (Oxford, 25 years old) has burned her adulterous boyfriend alive in a cabin. Battered the skull of an abusive husband. Knocked out men of almost 200 kilos in a ring of wrestling (wrestling). Now she hunts down misogynists, ready to unleash an army of Amazons trapped in the mind control web. of a … Read more

10 superhero movie actors who should have played other characters

As with any movie, the cast is especially important when it comes to making superhero movies. Although most of these adaptations have been successful with the cast of actors who play these characters, not all the characters in these films have a successful cast. Some of these supporting actors could have done better jobs if … Read more

Grey’s Anatomy: Kate Walsh, Dr. Addison Montgomery, said she is willing to return for a surprise cameo | Spoiler

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ It is the most popular medical series in history and its fans prove it day by day today, where the show continues to air. Throughout its 17 seasons, different actors and great characters passed through that remained in the memory of the fans, and the new installment had two surprising returns: Derek Shepherd … Read more