Cara Delevingne, cover of the October issue of COSMOPOLITAN

Our October Cover Girl she is a true diva. Surely you have noticed his fabulous eyebrows and his spectacular way of parading and interpreting. Yes, you were right, it could not be other than Cara delevingne. The actress and model is a ‘crack’ in all her facets and the last one, probar ‘sex toys’, has her fascinated: “Trying out sex toys I feel like a girl who can grab anything she wants from a candy store,” she says.

She assures that confinement helped her learn to love herself, be alone, live from day to day and be a good friend. Now aims to become the benchmark that she was looking for when she was a child, although being a public figure slows her down here like when she declared herself “pansexual and gender fluid” a year ago.

Cara doesn’t go into too much detail about her breakup with Ashley Benson, but says “I’ve never ended up so bad with anyone that I never want to see him again. I love all the people I have been with and I wish them the best ”.

The actress and model has told us many more superinteresting things in this interview that will be available at newsstands from September 21. Are you seriously going to miss it? In addition, the September / October issue of COSMO is loaded with very cool things such as a chat with Hero Fiennes and Josephine Langford – the protas of ‘After’ -, the latest fashion and beauty news of the season, ‘tips’ to improve your self-esteem and a long etcetera. Read on because there are still more surprises.

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If you have ever wondered what is the best of September, back to school and routine and you have not found an answer, we will give it to you: The autumn ‘outfits’! Combine the checked garments with the most ‘top’ accessories and you will be the best dressed in the uni or the office.


A COSMO writer tells you about her experience after ten days of abstinence and, we assure you that if you are still considering it, you are interested in knowing her opinion and find out if fasting is made for you or not.


Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent decades, making life and communications much easier for us. And if. He has also done his bit in relationships with a partner. We tell you ten applications with which you will ensure that the flame of your love does not go out.


Elizabeth Benavent, the author of the ‘Valeria’ saga, has interviewed the protagonists of the series namesake taking advantage of the premiere of its second season on Netflix. They have told us what feelings they have encountered during the filming and how the series has brought them together. “The end of our twenties and the beginning of our thirties will be marked by these characters,” says Paula Malia (Carmen in fiction).


Amaia Salamanca is about to release the movie ‘Por los pelos’ and has given us the infallible tricks so that you can too wear a hair of scandal like yours. “I like to change my ‘look’ depending on the character. Seeing myself differently helps me get into the role,” he tells us.


Summer is over, that is true, but autumn does not prevent us from traveling. Go looking for what dates are good for you because We are going to recommend you seven dream places To which you can go with your partner, with your best friends, with your mother or even alone (which would not be bad at all for a few days of escape). In any case … you will have a great time!


Depending on the area you live in, with the large format of COSMO October you will find as a gift the perfect nyx bag for the return to the routine with which you will be the envy of all your friends or a keychain-purse super practical and ideal with it you will not have to worry about taking the keys and the wallet because you will have it all in one. Both are great!

Nuria Serrano

Hairdresser: Mara Roszak (A-Frame Agency). Makeup: Molly Stern (A-Frame Agency). Manicure: Thuy Nguyen (A-Frame Agency). Visual Director: Kristin Giametta. Creative Director: Andy Turnbull. Digital Creative Director: Abby Silverman. Entertainment Director: Maxwell Losgar. Floral design: The Petal Workshop. Accessories: Andy Henbest from the Art Department. Production: Crawford & Co Productions. Video: Russell Ferguson / Amanda Evans.

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Cara Delevingne, cover of the October issue of COSMOPOLITAN