August 3, 2021

Brahim Diaz: ‘I will sweat blood for Milan. La 10 an extra motivation ‘

The Spanish attacking midfielder enthusiastic about his return to the Rossoneri speaks to Milan TV as follows: “These colors deserve 100%, I will sweat to the last drop of blood for this club. 10 is a unique number, it will give me even more motivation”. Su Pioli: “He has many merits, he made us grow, now we have to follow him to do even better”


“I am very happy to be here again, in this great club. I am very happy for everything we did last year, but now a new season begins in which we will give our best: these colors deserve me to give 100% and that’s what I will do. ”Brahim Diaz this is how he speaks to the microphones of Milan TV after the official return to the Rossoneri on a two-year onerous loan (3 million, 1.5 per season), with the right of redemption in favor of Milan (22 million) and counter-redemption for Real Madrid (27 million) ). The Spaniard, unlike last year when he was number 21, will wear the number 10 shirt: “21 is a number that I really like but it is equally true that I have always liked also 10: it is a unique number in the history of Milan. I know it is heavy and requires great responsibility for the value it has for Milan and for its colors. I will give my best for the fans and I will be equal to this great club: I feel I can and want to do it. I love this club, I want to give my best and will take number 10 because I like it very much and it has a unique importance in the Rossoneri history. This gives me unique motivations and feelings. I will show my talent and I will sweat to the last drop of blood for this great club and I will fight to have a great season, “added Brahim Diaz.

“How many merits Pioli, we learned so much from him”

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The Spanish attacking midfielder returns to last year, which ended with AC Milan’s return to the Champions League: “Last year I had a great time here, I had a lot of fun and I have grasped the greatness of this club. This year we hope to be able to do better even if last season was a very positive season: now there is another season to face and Milan deserve that this group is up to par. I think we are all ready to give our best and achieve great goals. “Pioli certainly has special merits in second place in the Rossoneri:”The union of the group it’s all thanks to Mr. Pioli as well as everything we have achieved: he has built a very good group with experienced players and young players who want to grow together. Thanks to him we have learned a lot, he taught us many things: last year under his guidance we had a rather stable path throughout the season. Now we need to grow further following the coach to make another great season “, continued the new Rossoneri number 10.

“Ancelotti heart Milan. Fans? They were fundamental”

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From one coach to another, that Carlo Ancelotti whom Brahim Diaz only touched upon at Real Madrid: “With Ancelotti we talked about Milan, he has the Rossoneri heart and loves this club very much. He told me to give my all for this team and for such a big club. He was very happy with my return here. I spent very good days with him, we talked a lot about Milan and the greatness of this club. “Final thought trickle to the Rossoneri supporters:” I can’t wait for the fans to return to the stadium, for me it was a unique experience to see how they supported us, as they have always been by our side. They were fundamental for us, they made us give more and more. Milan have fans all over the world and they are incredible. I can only tell them to continue to always be by our side, we will give our best: it is a pleasure and an honor to have their support. I am very happy to be here “, concluded Brahim Diaz.