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The solid relationship between Blumhouse and Amazon Prime Video bears new fruits for the 2nd Halloween holiday: Welcome to the Blumhouse. Under this title, a small collection of four horror and suspense films will arrive in the coming weeks. Today we analyze the police thriller El delusion (The lie), the second installment of said series, which is written and directed by Veena Sud. We leave you with our review of the film The Deception (The Lie) of Amazon Prime Video.

Synopsis The Deception (The Lie)

Jay (Peter Sarsgaard) is about to take her daughter, Kayla (Joey King), To a campament. Halfway there they will stop to pick up the girl’s best friend Britney (Devery Jacobs), but an incident during the trip will end with a terrible event … with the murder of Britney by Kayla. From that moment on, her parents will try to hide by all means the crime committed by their daughter with the intention of protecting her.

Scene from the movie The Lie on Amazon Prime Video

Criticism of the film The Deception (The Lie)

If a few days ago we were talking about the new alliance with a view to Halloween 2020 Come in Blumhouse and Amazon Prime Video with the movie premiere Dark Boxes (Black Box); today it is the turn of the second installment of the horror and mystery series Welcome to the Blumhouse: The deception (The lie). But will all the new proposals that will come to us from the hand of this small collection in the coming weeks be so solid?

Shyamalan claims

The film The Deception (The Lie), which you can already see in Amazon Prime Video, poses a story that pretending an unexpected ending in the purest style M. Night Shyamalan, you will achieve the opposite. There will be few – or none – viewers who, thanks to its own title and the cinematic journey of each of us, will not guess the end of the film a few minutes after its start. And yes, we can tell you that you will not be wrong when foreseeing what its end will be. More predictable impossible.

Be careful, despite that, the proposal is entertaining, although of course the surprise factor is conspicuous by its absence. We will only find a sequence in which we will doubt the final result of said plot, which moments later will help us to reaffirm our initial idea.

Veena Sud’s risky bet

For that ending, many viewers will cross out the film The Deception (The Lie) as a joke – something that was already heard during its premiere at the TIFF in Toronto 2018-. The title itself announced it, we cannot put our hands to our heads. The bet of Veena Sud, director and screenwriter, was risky and it is clear that she has not managed to make the final result of the film as brilliant as expected. Perhaps the least disappointed at the end of their viewing will be those who already saw said outcome clear from the start.

Unconscionable protection?

The approaches on which its plot is based are more than solid and, a priori, interesting even if they are not well developed. What would parents be able to do for a child? Where are the limits of paternal and maternal protection and love? Under these guidelines, a plot is developed that delves deeper into the police and psychological thriller than the horror genre, and that aims to raise reflections on this topic among the audience.

Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos
Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos

The interpretations

Regarding the interpretations we can say that they are solvent, although little can be done when you have such a predictable and hackneyed script in your hands. The film focuses, broadly, on three main characters -the parents and the teenage daughter-: Jay, Peter Sarsgaard; Rebecca, Mireille Enos; and Kayla, Joey King.

The three actors defend their roles with the few resources that the script of the film The Deception (The Lie). Thus we will see anguished parents before the dark shadow of the murder of their daughter and the possibility of being discovered by the police; the daughter will show conflicting feelings that will make her go from laughter to anguish in a few minutes.

Final opinion of the film The Deception (The Lie)

As a conclusion to this critique of the film The Deception (The Lie) We can point out that we are facing a plot that we have seen previously and with a better final result. Even so, the film manages to entertain us even though the final section of a film that does not surprise anyone is evident. Without a doubt, there are better options to spend the Halloween night 2020.

Where you can see the movie Deception (The lie)

The film The Deception (The Lie) is available from October 6, 2020 in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video, as a title that is included within the collection: Welcome to the Blumhouse.


Original title: The lie
Gender: Suspense, Thriller, Crime
Official site: Movie The Deception (The Lie)
Country: USA
Idiom: English
Release date in Spain: October 6, 2020
Producer: Blumhouse Productions, Mad Dog Films, Bitter Boy Productions
Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Duration: 97 min.
Year: 2018
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 16 years

Artistic file

Address: Veena Sud
Screenplay: Veena Sud
Song: Tamar-Kali Brown
Photography: Peter Wunstorf
Distribution: Mireille Enos, Peter Sarsgaard, Joey King, Cas Anvar, Nicholas Lea, Patti Kim


Poster for the movie The Deception (The Lie) from Amazon Prime Video
Poster for the movie The Deception (The Lie) from Amazon Prime Video



A completely predictable tape. It manages to entertain, if you are not too demanding, and little else.


The performances that despite not being brilliant, manage to sustain a complicated plot.


The predictable and hackneyed of the story it raises.

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Blumhouse movie review