August 1, 2021

Big Brother Vip, Sonia Bruganelli alongside Signorini “It’s the most transgressive thing I’ve ever done”

Sonia Bruganelli in September it will be the protagonist at Big Brother Vip 6 next to Alfonso Signorini. The sixth edition will return in prime time on Canale 5 and to support the director of Chi, there will be Adriana Volpe e the wife of Paolo Bonolis, Sonia Bruganelli.

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The 47-year-old Roman, television producer and presenter, was interviewed by Corriere della Sera and for the first time spoke about her upcoming television adventure alongside Alfonso Signorini:

“It’s a reality show that has always fascinated me, a very innovative psychological and social experiment, I have always been struck by the dynamics of people in captivity. I have it always followed e in the end I fell for it. Accepting to be a Gf Vip is the most transgressive thing I’ve ever done in my life. I think that, not only on TV, but in life it is convenient to be cynical, if not anesthetized. And I tend to be. Evidently Alfonso saw these characteristics in me.

I’m sure this it’s just a parenthesis, a digression. Then I go back to my Sdl 2005, a production company of TV formats and programs such as Come on another one! I will also continue to lead Sonia’s books, a program of meetings with important writers to talk about their books, in the light of my great passion for reading ».

In the past the wife of Paolo Bonolis was criticized and attacked on social media for her flaunting some luxuries including theirs private jet. After some time Sonia Bruganelli was able to reply by declaring: «I did it because usually in the summer there is so little news … In reality it is they who fall back on it, I don’t show off, I live my life. The haters they never say, look how cute she takes the private plane at her expense and brings her friends as well. For them I am the one who flaunts, not the one who shares. I also remember that we do not do it at someone’s expense: we pay for everything, they give us nothing ».

Last updated: Thursday 22 July 2021, 4:08 pm