Ben Mendelsohn would have revealed details of ‘Captain Marvel’

‘Captain Marvel’ is just around the corner and everything that comes from her is well received. Just a few days ago the first images of the tape were shown. In these we saw the protagonist of the film and different environments of the film. Another highlight was the appearance of the Skrull race. With the main villain shown e played by Ben Mendelsohn we would have everything ready to increase our desire. After that the actor would have conducted different interviews, being one of them in which we focus on this news.

Apparently Ben Mendelsohn I would have talked a little more than the account. We do not know with certainty the veracity of the actor’s words but we must be careful. During the Interview he was asked about different themes of the film. Before these I was responding but it seems that in some of them he missed certain details. We are going to recap the most relevant of all the topics that were mentioned in the interview.

The actor plays two forms of the character. On the one hand there is his Skrull appearance and on the other hand his version as a SHIELD agent

Both roles have their difference and complexity. There are things that are missing in one and that the other does have. Its way of sounding also differs quite a bit. This guy (referring to the human) is much more direct, willing to do his job, complex and with 1990s airs. Much more buttoned up and enclosed in his suit. The Skrull character is a bit more laid back, albeit very tough. Maybe a little unpleasant? Maybe.

After that, made mention of the relationship that could exist between the Skrull and the Kree. Both are races of extraterrestrials very present in Marvel and the answer that he gave made understand the war that exists between them.

Look … We have to deal with the Kree. In this universe the Kree are like Punk. And we Skrulls are just misunderstood. I don’t want to curse in writing or anywhere else, but if I would, it would be on the Kree. I’d love to.

After these words of little affection towards the rival race, asked about his biggest challenge in this film.

The biggest challenge of all is feeling like you are a Skrull. Because the Skrulls are so important! We are the thrash metal component of the Marvel universe. We are tough, brash, and loud. People want us to send a warning message.

Very encouraging words for the fans of the film. The truth is that the actor has been very fond of the character and the race. We go with the statements that have given us to talk. When the actor was asked about the approach the film would take answered the following:

The way they have done it is very moving. I mean, you want her to win. But sadly, not all fairy tales end so well. Sometimes you meet a Skrull. Despite this, Carol will be able to overcome it, she will have some movies for it. We’ll see.

With these words lets us fall that maybe this movie will not end so well as we believed. We will still have to wait to see what they show us in the movie. There were many more questions about his career, if you want to take a look we leave you here the link to the interview by Entertainment Weekly.

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Ben Mendelsohn would have revealed details of ‘Captain Marvel’