Batman v Superman’s Wonder Woman Introduction Was Better in the Comics

Batman v Superman’s “I thought she was with you” is a funny moment, but the comics nailed each hero’s respect for Wonder Woman by flipping this line.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a famously controversial film – often held up as an exemplar of modern big-budget film-making gone wrong – one element that many identified as a highlight was Gal Gadot’s depiction of Wonder Woman. But while the formation of DC’s Trinity against the monstrous Doomsday worked well enough – with both Batman and Superman assuming the superpowered Amazon was an ally of the other – the comics made this moment perfect by going in the exact opposite direction.

Of course, that’s not to say that the comics got other heroes’ regard for Wonder Woman right first time. In 1942’s All Star Comics #12, the Justice Battalion (aka the Justice Society of America, or JSA) originally considers Diana only an honorary member, asking her to act as their secretary after a particularly impressive performance. Despite the fact that Wonder Woman could bench-press many of the heroes present, she gratefully accepts. Thankfully, Marvel and DC are constantly altering and updating their continuity, and Justice League of America #0 does a better job of honoring Wonder Woman’s abilities.

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Created by writer Brad Meltzer and artist Eric Wight alongside a huge array of other artists, 2006’s Justice League of America #0 skips forward through the team’s history from the beginning, revealing key moments between the Trinity (such as when Superman and Wonder Woman found out Batman had punched Green Lantern.) But while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sees Superman acknowledge Wonder Woman’s arrival by asking Batman, “She with you?” only for Batman to reply, “I thought she was with you,” the comic sees Wonder Woman arrive to the formation of the Justice League, with both Bruce and Clark explaining to the other, “I invited her.”

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While the moment still casts Wonder Woman as the newbie entering an established relationship, it trumps the movie by emphasizing not just that Batman and Superman are impressed by her abilities, but that each independently thinks of her as an essential part of the nascent Justice League. The cherry on the cake is that Diana enters on the line, “your best friends — your closest friends — are the ones you consider your betters,” and then immediately asks, “So… how do we make this league last?” Following Batman’s initial trepidation over the ambition of forming the Justice League, it’s a moment that casts Wonder Woman as the most seasoned warrior present, and someone who Batman and Superman both immediately understood to be a vital ally, even before they’d discussed the idea with each other.

While Batman and Superman’s joint confusion is a funny moment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League of America #0‘s simultaneous “I invited her” establishes a much more immediate sense of respect still grounded in humor, as well as making it clear that Diana was literally both heroes’ first choice to even get the team going – not a reserve member who eventually made the grade, but one of three foundational pillars. Wonder Woman has fared pretty well as the DCEU has continued, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes it clear there’s an element of awe in the World’s Finest’s response to her dramatic entrance, but the movie would have been better off merging its vision with the comic moment, keeping the overt display of respect while still making the smart decision to set it in the heat of battle.

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Batman v Superman’s Wonder Woman Introduction Was Better in the Comics