Avatar 2: All the information so far

When will we return to explore the lands of Pandora? We update you the information since the announcement of its sequel.

James Cameron amazed audiences in 2009 with Avatar, a shocking story at the audiovisual level. The plot takes us to a somewhat distant future on a planet called Pandora, where humans on Earth have established a mining operation and disrupted the life of the Na’vi, the natives of Pandora. In an effort to interact with the Na’vi, humans have created an “Avatar.” It is the body of a Na’vi operated by the technologically embedded consciousness of a human, a kind of “container of consciousness.”

Cameron worked with linguists to create a fully functional Na’vi language. He invented his own specialized camera to capture the facial expressions of actors and paved the way for the future use of motion capture animation in film. The effects were absolutely stunning for its time, and the film broke all kinds of box office records. After the great success of the first film, Cameron was commissioned to create four other films of Avatar.

This is the information for the next installment so far.

Is there a trailer for Avatar 2 ?

There is no information about a possible trailer yet, but we will take care to update the information available at all times.

When will it be released Avatar 2 ?

Avatar 2 will hit theaters on December 16, 2022. The first two sequels were announced in 2010, with the hope that it would be released in 2014. Lawsuits for the film suffered a total of eight delays in theaters over the course of many years. The latest update places the premiere in 2022.

The third installment is scheduled for December 2024, the fourth for December 2026 and the last for December 2028.

Who is part of the cast of Avatar 2?

Avatar 2 features many returning actors from the first movie, such as Sam Worthington (Wrath of the Titans, 2010), Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014), Matt Gerald (Crime Master, 2017), Joel David Moore (A Ruthless City, 2020), CCH Pounder (The orphan, 2009), Dileep Rao (Drag Me to Hell, 2009) and Giovanni Ribisi (Columbus Circle, 2012). The return of Sigourney Weaver (Alien 1,2,3 and 4) and Stephen Lang (No Breathe, 2016) somehow … Although, perhaps it is a bit in doubt given the events in 1.

The new additions to the cast are Kate Winslet (Titanic, 1997), Cliff Curtis (Fear The Walking Dead, 2015 – ), Edie Falco (Outside In, 2017), Michelle Yeoh | (Memories of a Geisha, 2005), Jemaine Clement (Vampire House, 2014), Oona Chaplin (The longest journey, 2017) and Vin Diesel (Franchise Fast & Furious).

Who are the new characters in Avatar 2 ?

Since much of the plot takes place among the underwater reefs of Pandora, a new tribe of the planet appears. The Metkayina Reef Dwellers.

Kate Winslet is Rona, a diver who is part of the Metkayina tribe. Cliff Curtis interpreta a Tonowari, líder de los Metkayina.

The human side of the new group of characters includes Edie Falco like General Ardmore, the woman charged with protecting mining interests, Jemaine Clement like marine biologist Dr. Ian Garvin, Michelle Yeoh | like Dr. Karina Mogue, and Oona Chaplin as a character named Varang.

There is no information yet on the role of Vin Diesel, but we will not deny that we have a thorn of curiosity.

When is filming Avatar 2 ?

After James Cameron announced in February 2017 that writing for the sequels was complete, preliminary filming for Avatar 2 began in California on August 15, 2017, with digital effects work beginning that summer as well. In September of that same year, principal photography began on both Avatar 2 and 3. Much of the underwater motion filming took place between November 2017 and May 2018. In June 2018, Zoe Saldana he had finished shooting his parts for both the second and its sequel, and filming then moved to New Zealand for the next six months. Motion capture filming finally ended in November 2018, and live-action filming continued.

The live-action filming in New Zealand then began in February 2019 until November of that year and taking a break for the holidays, resuming in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic halted production of Avatar 2, on March 17, 2020, forcing the production to stay in Los Angeles indefinitely. Filming in New Zealand finally resumed in June 2020, and James Cameron announced in September 2020 that live-action filming had ended.


What is the story of Avatar 2?

Although many of the details of Avatar 2 have remained under wraps, we know that this second installment is set on Pandora approximately 12 years after the first movie. Jake Sully He has lived on Pandora for many years since he made the decision to permanently transfer his human consciousness to his Avatar body. Later he rises to the position of leader of the Na’vi people. He and Neytiri they have started a family and had children of their own.

The GDR’s colonizing forces and their mining operations have returned to Pandora in a revival of their original objectives, forcing Jake and Neytiri to take their family and flee their home. Although it is unclear how exactly Lang will reprise his role as Colonel Miles Quaritch, is set to return as the main villain in this and future installments of the Avatar franchise.


Avatar 2 You will explore the unexplored corners of Pandora and focus heavily on the underwater life of the planet, which is where we will be introduced to the people Metkayina. The Metkayina are a clan of Pandora natives who live between the reefs and the oceans, and are the central community of the second film.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Cameron said about the upcoming installments: It will be a natural extension of all the themes, and the characters, and the spiritual background currents. Basically, if you loved the first movie, you’re going to love these movies, and if you hated it, you’re probably going to hate these. If you loved her at the time, and then said you hated her, you will probably love these.

Next year we will have an early date with Pandora through a comic that will show us what happened just after the end of the 2009 film. In this way, the wait will be somewhat pleasant until we can see the sequel on the big screen .

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Avatar 2: All the information so far