The best series premieres on streaming platforms of the week

These are some recommendations of the premiere series in recent days and also other classic series that are integrated from television to streaming platforms after a few years. MOVISTAR + ‘VIGIL: NUCLEAR CONSPIRACY’ ‘Vigil: Nuclear Conspiracy’ premiered in the UK in late August and was a huge success. MOVISTAR + Read also Pere Solà Gimferrer … Read more

“Twice you”, the dark and fascinating movie that you will have to see more than once

Twice you (Netflix) We are at a very elegant wedding reception in a sumptuous room in Mexico City: lthe camera introduces us to two couples: Daniela and Rodrigo (Melissa barrera and Mariano Palacios), who are extremely attractive, so much so that it is impossible to stop looking at them: they are obviously lovers and the … Read more

On Netflix, what is life worth? With Michael Keaton

A few days after the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the premiere in Netflix from How much is life worth? It allows us to reflect by looking at everything from another perspective. Kenneth Feinberg (Michael Keaton) is a lawyer specialized in handling litigation in which everything has a … Read more

what are and where to watch the series nominated for best comedy

Regarding the comedy series category, it is worth remembering that the last big winner in this area was “Schitt’s Creek” a series that has already concluded. The main candidates are “Ted Lasso”, “Black-ish” and “The Kominsky Method” series that has already ended. Here is the list of which are the 8 candidate series for the … Read more

8 Most Powerful Movie Sirens & Mermaids, Ranked

Sirens are an integral part of Greek mythology, largely appearing in epics such as The Odyssey. They were largely antagonistic aquatic beings who sang songs to charm sailors and subsequently kill them. The Medieval Age, however, also equated their physical characteristics to those of mermaids. RELATED: 10 Scary Movies That Actually Get Monsters Right While … Read more

How Marvel Decided on Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings Colors

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ VFX Supervisor Christopher Townsend explains Marvel Studios’ process of choosing colors for the Ten Rings. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ VFX Supervisor Christopher Townsend explains Marvel Studios’ process of choosing colors for the Ten Rings. The second film to be released as part of … Read more

‘You Get Older, You Get Crankier, and Comfort Becomes More Important’

Since 1987, when Brad Pitt first stepped onto the big screen, we have watched him grow from an uncredited actor to a heartthrob and beyond. He has won several awards for his performances on screen, including two Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor. However, for many, his biggest achievement is the way … Read more

Dune TV Spot Teases Thopter Chase Into The Desert Of Arrakis

Though it may be cerebral on the surface, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune will have plenty of action, as new TV spot teases sequences like a thopter chase. The latest Dune TV spot teases an epic thopter chase through the deserts of Arrakis, with Paul and Lady Jessica perhaps along for the ride. Denis Villeneuve’s attempt at … Read more

Lupita Nyong’o Spotted Hanging Out with Pop Star Lil Nas X, Steph Curry at Met Gala ▷ Ghana news – nonenglishfeed

Lupita Nyong’o made an appearance at Met Gala, donning a stunning Versace Jeans Couture gown The actress shared photos from the event showing the stars in her midst, including Lil Nas X and Steph Curry The Sulwe author praised the Versace team, noting they had the best table on the night Kenyan US-based actress Lupita … Read more