August 3, 2021

Atletico Mineiro Boca Juniors, laughs a fine partita in Copa Libertadores

Madness at the end of the second leg of the second round of Copa Libertadores, won on penalties by Atletico Mineiro: brawl in the locker room between the players, managers and staff of the two teams. The Military Police intervenes with pepper spray. Eight Boca members were arrested and then released


Atletico Mineiro-Boca Juniors ends in brawl. In the match valid for the return of the second round of Copa Libertadores, finished 0-0 as in the first leg and won by the Brazilians 3-1 ai penalty shootout, everything happened. During the game the players of the two teams they risked coming to blows at 62 ‘, when the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich canceled for offside after the intervention of the Var the goal of the Argentine advantage signed by Marcelo Weigandt. A decision that paired with the goal canceled after the intervention of technology a Gonzalez of Boca in the first leg, which led the Boca coach Miguel Angel Russo to protest towards the referee team with the phrase “twice the same story“But the spirits have become even more tense above all after the final whistle.

Pushes, torn sinks and pepper spray

The sports news, this time, takes a back seat. According to reports by the Brazilian and Argentine media, the players of the Boca they would come into contact with the security officers of the Minerao stadium on their way to reach the locker rooms. The shoves also involved the players of the‘Atletico Mineiro, arrived in the area at a later time. There one started brawl involving managers, players and staff members of both clubs. In the course of the clashes, some barriers and someone would have ripped up gods sinks inside the plant. As told by Olè, the Military Police even used pepper spray, forcing some Boca players to return to the field after accusing the illness due to having inhaled the gas. Moments immortalized by a camera installed along the corridor leading to the changing rooms.

Eight Boca members stopped

According to information released by the police, 8 Boca members would have been stopped on charges of personal injury, assault and vandalism only to be released after a few hours. It’s about the goalkeeper Javier Garcia, of the defenders Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Izquierdoz e Marcos Rojo, of the attacker Sebastian Villa, of the goalkeeper trainer Fernando Gayoso placeholder image, of the assistant Leandro somoza and the manager Raul Cascini. They were taken to the police station together with some Mineiro security agents and officers before being released. According to the reconstruction coming from Belo Horizonte, it would have been the intervention of the Argentine ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, to avoid arrests and more serious legal consequences.

The version of Atletico Mineiro

From Boca, in the hours immediately following the game, no official communications arrived. L’Atletico Mineiro instead he told his own version of events with one Twitter post series: “After the match, the Boca athletes went down into the tunnel and went to their dressing room – writes the Brazilian club – but a few minutes later they headed for the referees’ changing rooms. Along the way, they attacked everyone they met and destroyed sinks and barriers. “The president of Atletico Mineiro Sergio Coelho he threw bottles of water at the Boca delegation “to defend themselves from aggression – continues the note – but without containing them”. The toll is of “some injured, fortunately not serious – explain from Atletico Mineiro – and there was also an attempt to attack Atlético’s sporting director, Rodrigo Caetano, with an iron bar“The same Brazilian club also explains that” a long mediation conducted by President Coelho meant that none of the 8 Argentines arrested were arrested “.