August 3, 2021

all the rules. The discos do not reopen

Green pass mandatory from 6 August for certain activities. This was established by the Council of Minists this afternoon: here are all the rules. The discos remain closed.

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Green pass, for those who are required

The obligation of the green pass will be reserved for the entire population over the age of 12, or for all Italian citizens who can be vaccinated. Those who cannot get vaccinated for health reasons can still apply for the green pass by providing a suitable certification issued according to the criteria established by the Ministry of Health.

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Green pass, how to get it

To have the green pass it is necessary to have at least one dose of vaccine and download the appropriate certification (here’s how to get it). Alternatively, you must have a certificate of recovery from Covid that took place in the last six months or present a negative swab certificate to be carried out in the previous 48 hours.

Green pass, the rules for bars and restaurants

The green pass must be shown to consume indoors and at the table in bars and restaurants. The obligation is not foreseen if it is consumed outdoors or, in the case of bars, at the counter.

Green pass: this is where it will be mandatory

From 6 August the green pass will be mandatory to access: gyms and swimming pools; cinemas, museums and theaters; spas and wellness centers; fairs, conferences and congresses; festivals; theme parks and amusement parks; game rooms, betting rooms and bigno rooms; public competitions; outdoor shows; stages. Educational centers for children, summer centers and related catering activities are excluded from the Green pass.

Green pass, the rules for cinemas and theaters

The obligation of a Green pass for cinemas and theaters arrives, but the number of spectators admitted to attend it increases. In the yellow zone you will enter with Green pass, mask and distance, but spectators will be able to go outdoors from the current 1000 to a maximum of 2500 and indoors from 500 to 1000. While in the white zone, where capacity limits are now set, an outdoor roof of 5000 people and an indoor roof of 2500 people is fixed.

Green pass, the rules for sporting events

For sporting events and competitions in the white zone, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 50% of the maximum authorized outdoors and 25% indoors. In the yellow zone, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 25% and, in any case, the maximum number of spectators cannot exceed 2,500 for outdoor systems and 1,000 for indoor systems.

Tampons at controlled prices

Until 30 September 2021 the administration of rapid antigen tests will be ensured at low prices. It is not excluded that for the under 18s rapid swabs may be free, since the vaccination campaign has given priority to the elderly or fragile population groups.

Green pass, sanctions for those who violate the rules

For those who violate the rules, there is a penalty of between 400 and 1000 euros for both the operator and the user. If the violations are repeated on 3 different days, the exercise may be closed for 1 to 10 days.

Green pass for transport, school and work: nothing definite

The government has not yet touched on the issue of the Green pass hypothesis for long-distance and local transport, crucial in view of September, with the return from vacation and the reopening of schools. The education chapter and the possible vaccine requirement for teachers and staff, but also the issue of the Green pass in the workplace will be the subject of a new meeting, probably next week.

Green pass, how the quarantine changes

For those who have the green pass and come into close contact with a positive, there is a reduced quarantine. The time will be quantified later but should be five days for those with the green pass.

Color zones, parameters change

As announced by Minister Roberto Speranza at a press conference after the Council of Ministers, the parameters for the colored areas on epidemiological risk change. The incidence or RT will no longer be considered but, in light of the good progress of the vaccination campaign, only hospitalizations.
These are the colors based on the percentage of occupancy of beds and intensive care:
– White zone: intensive care below 10% and hospitalizations below 15%
– Yellow zone: intensive care at 10% and hospitalizations at 15%
– Orange zone: intensive care at 20% and hospitalizations at 30%
– Red zone: intensive care at 30% and hospitalizations at 40%

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