August 3, 2021

A peek at the contents of Justin Bieber’s Rp39 Billion Bus Tour, There is an Infrared Sauna : Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS – Like most musicians, Justin Bieber spent most of his time on the streets, concerts from one place to another. A reason that made tour buses an important part of his career journey.

But have you ever wondered what the contents of Justin Bieber’s tour bus are like? To answer, the 27-year-old singer took fans to see the contents of the Prevost RV bus that he designed like a penthouse.

Quotes GQ, the first area of ​​the bus is the workspace, a place where Bieber usually writes songs or just checks incoming email. Next to it, there is a lounge area with a sofa bed and a giant plasma TV.

The workspace as well as a place to relax is also filled with various art objects, including photos of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. “Well, behind this is my bed,” he said as he walked towards another room that functioned as a bedroom.

The contents of Justin Bieber's tour bus.  (Photo: GQ)

Justin Bieber admits, the bedroom is the place where he spends most of his time while traveling. From the bed, he usually relaxes while watching a movie.

Right next to the bedroom there is a bathroom with toilet and shower separate, as well as a sauna with infrared technology. “While touring, I have to make sure my body is at an optimal level,” she says.

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singer Stuck With You The actor added, “A lot of things happen on tour. You do a show for 1.5 hours, which is the same as a professional athlete’s activity. The gig makes your body tired,” he said.

The contents of Justin Bieber's tour bus.  (Photo: GQ)

As a complement, the tour bus also has several cupboards to store clothes and shoes. But of all the parts on the bus, Bieber admitted, really liked the lounge where he usually gathered with the crew, band players, to the dancers.

Then how much money did Justin Bieber spend to get all the luxury facilities on the bus? Citing Auto Evolution, Bieber’s Prevost RV is priced between $1.5 million (Rp21.76 billion) to $2.7 million (Rp39.19 billion).*

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