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JC Maraddón

Barely 20 years have passed since this century began and, despite the fact that it is a miniscule period in the evolution of universal history, it is remarkable how things have changed with respect to the way in which people lived and thought. dawn of the third millennium. The evolution of technology would be the most obvious data, but we must also take into account all that that brought about in terms of our habits and the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves. Not even in dreams would we have imagined then what is happening to us.

The worst nightmares have also materialized, such as suicide bombings, (not so) natural disasters and weapons such as missiles fired by drones. The pandemic, which was too similar to the apocalyptic fantasies of science fiction, is another of the events with which we were going to be ungratefully surprised in these two decades, as a corollary of the aggressions that we have perpetrated against the environment for centuries and of that we have not been all the brave that was required to face the challenge of guaranteeing our survival and that of future generations, who are already doomed before they are born.

In the field of ideas, the twenty-first century was not trifled with and brought about an awareness of many mental structures that were believed to be eternal. Immediately, once it was demonstrated how pernicious were those beliefs that were revered, a process of breaking with the past that is still developing and that will not be simple to bring to fruition began. Just by moving away from the situation a little to analyze the situation, we perceive the importance of this shake in which we have to be participants.

The mere comparison between the concerns that revealed humanity at the end of the nineties and those that are privileged today, gives us plenty of information in relation to the depth of the transformation that the old system of absolute truths undergoes that is beginning to be described as decrepit. And it is the cultural sphere from which the greatest amount of evidence arises, because both the production and consumption patterns of art and entertainment have been altered. Immersed in the storm as we are, it is difficult for us to look back and measure the path traveled.

Perhaps remembering that today marks the twentieth anniversary of the premiere of the film “Zoolander”, directed by and starring Ben Stiller, it will help us to calibrate our reflections to mark a turning point in the trends that were in vogue at the turn of the century. last. Because in that film the catalog of common places to which the universe of supermodels appealed is parodied, with their paradigms of beauty that caused such dire collateral effects. From the present, it is observed as very distant that elite of demigods who were idolized both for their physical attractiveness and for their permanent outbursts of frivolity.

It is likely that Derek Zoolander himself, as a caricature of insane egotism, was the one who ended up throwing that breed into the void of time that, from the high-culture parades, was promoted as an example of a perfection to which it was due venerate. With his bizarre gaze, the character was consumed in his own delusion of grandeur, with the complicity of top models, designers and celebrities from the real world, who participated in the film. Notwithstanding that the fashion industry maintains its space in the current context, the cult of immaculate anatomy is now questioned in its essence.

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A look into the void – Diario Alfil