August 3, 2021

a coffin covered with sunflowers for the public funeral in Paternopoli

Libero De Rienzo, funeral in public form to “celebrate the person who was Picchio, his talent and his great humanity, which led him to enter people’s hearts”. This is the will of the actor’s family – who died in his own Roman home on July 16, 2021, at the age of 44 – and buried today (22 July 2021) in the cemetery of Paternopoli (AV), a small town in the Valle del Calore of which the paternal family originates. The coffin was blessed by the parish priest, don Rocco Salierno, and then moved to the family chapel where the mother of the award-winning protagonist of films such as “Fortapasc” and “Santa Maradona” rests.

Libero De Rienzo, the actor’s death remains a mystery: the autopsy is not enough, house seals

The note of the lawyer Piergiorgio Assumma, trusted lawyer of the De Rienzo family, is lapidary. To the mayor of Paternopoli, Salvatore Cogliano, the small town in Irpinia where the actor’s father is from, all that remains is to ensure: “The funeral rite for Libero De Rienzo will take place in full compliance with the anti Covid regulations”.

The plaque mentions the full name of the actor Pasquale Libero and the nickname by which he was known in the world of cinema and friends “Picchio”. Among the well-known faces who accompanied “Picchio” on his last journey to his homeland, the actor Stefano Fresi.

The actor’s coffin, covered with sunflowers, arrived in the cemetery of Paternopoli shortly after 3 pm on 22 July 2021, after a local ceremony in the local church. To welcome him the father Fiore, actor, assistant director and television author and all family members.

As for the investigation opened by the magistrates of Rome, who proceed to death as a consequence of another crime, the first results of the toxicological examination should arrive no earlier than next week. The samples were taken by the forensic doctors of the Gemelli Polyclinic Institute as requested by the prosecutor Francesco Minisci, owner of the procedure.

Only from this specific expert activity will it be possible to ascertain the causes of death and, above all, to understand if
the artist took drugs in the hours preceding his death. During the inspection carried out by the investigators, in fact, immediately after the discovery of the body, traces of heroin were found but this is not enough for those who investigate to affirm that the death is related to drug use. Also because, from a first external examination of the body, no traces of drugs would have been detected

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