“50 Cent” returns as producer of the series “For Life”

(CNN Español) – The series “For Life”, produced by Curtis Jackson, better known in the musical field as “50 Cent”, returns to have the covid-19 virus as an enemy.

“For Life” tells the story of Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock), a man who was imprisoned and must serve a life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Wallace becomes a licensed attorney while still in prison and litigates cases for other inmates as he struggles to overturn his own life sentence.

In the second season, Aaron continues his battle against the American justice system outside of prison, but happens to have as his enemy the virus of covid-19.

Zona Pop CNN spoke with actors Nicholas Pinnock and Indira Varma, as well as producers Hank Steinberg, Isaac Wright Jr., and rapper 50 Cent.

Covid-10, the enemy

“Together with the producers and writers we said that we should incorporate it. We are a current program and we saw it as a subject that the central character, Aaron Wallace, had to face in prison. Nobody knows how to face the virus or how to stop it,” says the producer Hank Steinberg.

For his part, the rapper and also television producer, 50 Cent, assures that current issues must be present: “In this second part of the second season, it is interesting to see how the main characters come together. The movement“ Black Lives Matter “(Black Lives Matter) and covid-19 are issues that we live with every day and the audience wants to see them on television series.”

But, what was it like to create and put together a series in the middle of a pandemic scenario, in which new information was available every day? Isaac Wright Jr., producer of the series, responds: “It certainly affected the recording in every way. From a creative point of view, it also affects the characters’ stories, but in the end he helped direct their stories to get characteristics of them “.

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) will face an enemy that nobody has much information about: the covid-19 virus. (Photo Paramount +)

Covid-19, a protagonist that exists but is not seen in “For Life”

Working as an actor with a character who is in front of himself is, without a doubt, enriching. However, working with a “character” who does not exist physically, who cannot be heard and who can only be imagined because he is a virus is a challenge for anyone.

“We began to record this second half six months after the virus became public. We had all experienced in some way the horror that this virus had perpetuated and fear was transmitted with the characters,” says Indira Varma, who gives life to Safiya Masry.

Nicholas Pinnock, who plays Aaron Wallace, an ex-con and attorney, returns to jail to chat with his new clients. How difficult is it for him to return to prison? “It was not easy, it has gone through a lot. Being in that space makes him familiarize himself again with the smells, sounds and the same people inside the prison, but with a single purpose: to help the inmates who are there and do good “.

“For Life”, based on a true event

“For Life” is inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr., who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, was falsely convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

While serving his sentence, he served as a paralegal and helped reverse the sentences of many fellow inmates.

Who is who?

Aaron Wallace – Nicholas Pinnock
Safira Masry – Indira Varma
Marie Wallace – Joy Bryant
Jamal Bishop – Dorian Missick
Henry Rosswell – Timothy Busfield

The new episodes of the second season of the series “For Life” are broadcast in the United States on the ABC network.

In Latin America, you can find the first season available on the Paramount + streaming platform.

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“50 Cent” returns as producer of the series “For Life”