August 1, 2021

34 women in the United States file a complaint against Pornhub for sexual abuse videos

A complaint was filed Thursday, June 17 in California by 34 women who accuse the website Pornhub and its parent company of knowingly uploading videos in which they are victims of rape and other sexual abuse, including when they were minor. “This is a case that concerns rape, not pornography”, insists this civil complaint of which Agence France-Presse (AFP) had a copy.

Lawyers representing 34 plaintiffs accuse Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek, one of the world’s adult internet giants, of being “A classic criminal enterprise” whose economic model is based on the exploitation for financial purposes of non-consensual sexual content.

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Of the 34 complainants, who reside in the United States or abroad, all but one wished to remain anonymous. Fourteen of them say they were minors at the time of the facts and are as such “Victims of child sex trafficking”. All accuse Pornhub of having taken advantage of videos that have been uploaded without their knowledge and therefore without their consent – often by boyfriends or attackers – and claim damages for the damage suffered.

MindGeek calls accusations “categorically false”

Serena Fleites, who has spoken publicly in the press, is the only complainant to be named. In 2014, she learned that a video “Sexually explicit” that her boyfriend had forced her to realize when she was only 13 had been placed on Pornhub. Despite the title unambiguously referring to a “13 year old brunette”, the video had remained online until the teenager, posing as her mother, asked Pornhub to take it down. The platform had taken several weeks to run, leaving ample time for the video to be broadcast, deplores the complaint.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, the MindGeek company owns more than a hundred pornographic sites, specialized production houses and various corresponding brands, including Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8 and YouPorn. According to them, the group has some 3.5 billion visits each month.

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Solicited by AFP, MindGeek did not react Thursday evening but refuted her accusations to American media, calling them “Totally absurd” and “Categorically false”.

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Pornhub had already found itself in turmoil last year after the publication of an article in the New York Times accusing him of hosting child pornography and rape videos, which he had already denied. In the process, the pornography giant announced new measures, wanting to be “At the forefront in the fight and eradication of illegal content”.

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