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It’s time to go back to the movies with the little ones (and not so much) of the house after confinement. With the reopening of theaters, we have drawn up a list of the best films to watch as a family this year.

After the state of alarm, the cinemas reopen their doors and there is no better time to return with the whole family to the theaters to enjoy the best premieres for young and old. It is time to recall great moments in front of the projector and of course to laugh and perhaps drop the odd tear. For this reason, at SensaCine we have prepared a list of 13 films for everyone that you should not miss for the rest of 2020. Films like Scooby !, Mulan or Pinocchio, that will delight children (and not so children).

‘Scooby!’ (July 16th)

Scooby-Doo returns to the big screen! Tony Cervera directs this film based on the television series produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The new animated film from Warner Bros. is an origin story in which we will discover how Scooby and Shaggy met. And not only that, we will also learn how this particular couple joined Fred, Daphne and Vilma to found the agency Mystery Inc., thus becoming the most famous group of paranormal investigators. In this way, the gang begins an incredible adventure, aboard The Mystery Machine, in which they will face one of the most complicated cases to date: prevent Pierre Nodoyuna from releasing the ghost dog Cerberus from the underworld.

‘Jana and the magic lollipop’ (July 17)

Chinese production that is in the framework of the GG Bond franchise, very popular in Asian lands. Jana and the Magic Lollipop tells how the universe is divided into two dimensions: the real world and the fantasy world, and there is a legendary scroll that contains a map to travel between them through a hidden door. Jana, who is a fan of the legendary imaginary hero GG Bond, manages to transfer from the real world to the fantasy world after an argument with her parents. But now, he misses his family and wants to leave the fantasy world. To do this, you will have the help of the iconic character and other fun creatures to help you on your journey. This complicated task can only be carried out with a haunted object: the magic lollipop.

‘Cats’ (July 31)

In this film, actor Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding, White Hell) voices Blanket, a cat who lives a placid life in an apartment located in a skyscraper in a big city. There he is also accompanied by his son Cape. One day, while trying to investigate the outside world, the little animal decides to leave his home and embarks on an adventure to find the legendary paradise of cats. To locate her son, Blanket must overcome her fear of leaving home and reconcile with her past.. With the help of a macaw that will accompany you, you will embark on an adventure not without dangers, but also tons of fun. Cats should not be confused with the 2019 Razzie Award-winning live-action feature Cats, which is an adaptation of a popular Broadway musical.

‘Mine and the world of dreams’ (July 31)

What would Origin, by Christopher Nolan, be like if it were thought in terms of children’s cinema? Well, something similar to Mina and the World of Dreams, a family animation film made by Kim Hagen Jensen that talks about a girl who manages to find the possibility of manipulating dreams, although her first intentions are not very noble. Our protagonist Mina’s life changes when her father’s new girlfriend, Helena, and her daughter Jenny, with whom she does not get along, move into her house. Upon discovering the world of dreams one night, a universe in which there are some builders who are in charge of creating dreamlike fantasies, Mina begins to manipulate the dreams of her stepsister Jenny, but with the terrible consequences that this entails: Jenny ends up trapped in the other world without being able to wake up and Mina will have to enter the world of dreams again to face the dreams that she has created and be able to save her stepsister and her new family.

‘Mulán’ (August 21)

After the live action version of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo or The Lion King, it is the turn of Mulán. Disney wanted to adapt its 1998 classic again, but this time opting for a more accurate vision of the China of the Han dynasty and without the mythical Mushu. Directed by Niki Caro (Anne with an E), Mulán Yes will feature some of his mythical songs and the epic story of a young woman posing as a warrior to fight in the war alongside the imperial army. The cast is made up of Chinese actors led by Yifey Liu, an actress who has also worked in other films such as Exiled or The Forbidden Kingdom.

‘Pinocchio’ (August 28)

It is the new adaptation of the classic story of the most famous wooden doll in the world, Pinocchio. It filled Italian cinemas in its premiere on December 25, 2019, and its arrival in our country has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This adaptation is written and directed by Matteo Garrone, with music by Dario Marianelli. The characters of the story remain, Roberto Benigni (To Rome with love or Life is beautiful) returns to the big screen with the role of Geppetto after 7 years. Since Pinocchio achieved international success with the Disney version in 1940, it has never gone out of style. In addition, this same year the animated film of the wooden doll set in Italy in the 1930s will arrive on Netflix’s digital platform, with which Guillermo del Toro will make his debut as director of an animated feature film.

‘Trasto’ (September 11)

Massages, shopping, relaxing in the pool on an inflatable mattress… Trasto, by Kevin Johnson, stars a very pampered dog that is used to living surrounded by all imaginable luxuries. Its owner is extremely wealthy … until her death forces her adorable pet to rethink her life and get to know the streets. No more sleeping on pillows and silk sheets. No more resting twice a day. Trasto has to learn to be a stray dog ​​and, in the process, face dangers previously unknown to him.. Although the experience also has its advantages, because that is how he meets Zoe, a young woman who dreams of being a singer and who ends up welcoming the dog into her home. Things get complicated when his ex-owner’s greedy nephews, who had inadvertently lost Trasto, hire expert animal finder Thurman Sanchez to find him and collect his aunt’s generous inheritance in full. Learn to bark, bite and growl to counterattack fighting squirrels, doggy escapes, spectacular jumps … An animated film suitable for the whole family.

‘Connected. Family Mode ‘(October 16)

The Mitchells are the protagonists of Connected: Family Mode, the new animated film produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the same ones behind Spider-Man: A New Universe. The protagonist of the film, directed by Mike Rianda, is Kate, the teenager of the clan. His life is about to change, as he is starting his first year of college at the film school he always dreamed of going to. Her father, Rick, is not doing very well for his daughter to fly out of the nest and decides to prepare a trip for the whole family and thus regain the bond they have lost due to technology. But it is precisely the latter that will turn the Mitchells’ plan upside down. A worldwide technological revolt is causing telephones, vacuum cleaners, robots and many more objects to rise up against humans. It is then that the protagonist family must unite more than ever to save the world from this terrible threat.

‘Trolls 2’ (October 23)

After the Trolls movie in 2016, four years have passed without these colorful, mischievous and fun creatures. In Trolls 2: World Tour, music takes over the protagonists and consolidates itself as one more character in the story. This second installment will once again follow Poppy, the leader of the trolls, who will discover, along with her friends Branch, Biggie, Tiny Diamond, Cooper, Satin and Chenill many other types of music apart from her beloved pop genre. During this new adventure surrounded by different musical notes, this group of friends will meet Chaz, a troll who loves jazz; Hickory, a troll who loves country music, and Trollzart, the troll of classical music, as well as Essence, the queen of funk, or Trollex, the king of techno. But there will be a genre that resists them, rock, led by Bab, who is willing to destroy the rest of the styles. This will be the great challenge of the protagonists in this installment, where they must, with the beat of music, do everything possible to stop their evil plan.

‘Soul’ (November 27)

If last March Pixar delighted us with its new animated feature film, Onward, everything indicates that at the end of November it will do so again with the animated Soul. Directed by Pete Docter (Up, Inside Out), the film begins by posing a series of questions that you have surely asked yourself on occasion. How would you like to be remembered when you are no longer in this world? happy with the life you have chosen? Where do your dreams and passions come from? The protagonist of the story, Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a music teacher whose true passion is jazz, will find himself face to face with a mysterious world, which he arrives at after suffering an accident. A world, in which he discovers his soul, and in which he may perhaps be able to answer those transcendental questions of life.

‘Peter Rabbit 2: On the Run’ (December 18)

If the first film based on the popular character from the Beatrix Potter stories turned everything upside down, the new adventures of the mischievous and foul-mouthed Peter Rabbit, again directed by Will Gluck, promise more of the same: Verbal frenzy, wild outbursts and a revolution like few others in the British countryside. In Peter Rabbit 2: On the Run, the little rodent will have to assume that his beloved Bea (Rose Byrne) and his arch nemesis Thomas (Domhall Gleeson) are going to start a family, even if that means dealing with the difficult feeling of feeling displaced. The turbulence that accompanies the new changes will lead the furry whirlwind to try his luck in the city.

‘The Croods: A New Era’ (December 25)

DreamWorks Animation

This year, the funniest prehistoric family of recent years finally returns to the big screen: The Croods. In A New Era, director Joel Crawford takes over from Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, directors of the first film. Those who do return are Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Keener, in charge of giving voice, in the original version, to the protagonists of the story. After discovering the fire and encouraging themselves to leave their cave, Ugga, Grug and the rest of The Croods are going to face the greatest threat they ever imagined: a new family., the Bettermans, whose members are voiced by Leslie Mann and Peter Dinklage, among others. We will have to wait to see if the friendly Croods are capable of assimilating that they are not the only humans on the face of the Earth.

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12 movies for kids that you can’t miss this 2020 – Movie News